New Guidelines

Banning guidelines:
1st warning - 48 hours
2nd warning - 1 week
3rd warning - Permanent

You will receive a verbal warning from a Admin or Mod, if you still continue to be uncooperative you will be given a warning.

Rep guidelines:
I was a bit strict with the rep when we first introduced them. So I've revised on what you should give positive rep for.
It's now OK to give rep for someone you agree with.
It's now OK to give rep to someone who has said something witty and funny.

I've also enabled negative rep. These should only be given out to those who really deserve it. Don't give to a person because you hold a personal grudge. You must have +10 rep to give someone negative rep.

Friend or Foe:
If somebody is annoying you I'd suggest adding them to your Foes list. You can do that by clicking their username from anywhere on the board.


When they post it will not show up. Instead it will be like this:



If you feel like you're being harrased, please notify a mod or admin. We will keep every PM for records incase the problem persists. If we confront someone you will be in complete anonymity.

Re: New Guidelines

justin wrote:
Jeremy wrote:lols @ the time that I was temp banned on p44o. I can't even remember what that was for now..

When did you become a mod?

Ages and ages ago. A few months after I joined. Before I started hating the world. Pretty sure the temp ban was when I was a mod lol.
why are you so FAR from saving me

Re: New Guidelines

Jeremy wrote:I don't really hate anyone. I just speak honestly and if that offends people so be it. Pretty sure I was vilified way beyond what was justified.

You're a social assassin. That's why I enjoy you being around here.

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