Tom DeLonge documentary premieres tonight

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For weeks now Ernie Ball has been promoting and sharing clips from their documentary series “The Pursuit of Tone” where in this instance they are featuring former blink-182 member Tom DeLonge.  The documentary will debut in full tonight at 8pm ET on the Audience Network (DirecTV Ch. 239 and AT&T U-Verse Ch. 1114) where he will allegedly discuss in detail the origins of many blink-182 hits in addition to other anecdotes about the band, their breakups, side projects (Box Car Racer & Angels & Airwaves) and more.


blink debuts “San Diego” live

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blink-182 played San Diego live for the first time in Tampa, FL last week.  Here’s a nifty fan-edit of the performance!



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The New Yorker‘s Amanda Petrusich wrote a cool piece regarding blink-182’s past and present, and how the band represents something inside ourselves that we can’t bear to let go.

Here’s a passage:

The grievances and pleasures Blink-182’s songs express—the dumbness of adults, how weird sex is, how cool jokes are, how lonesome life can be—are the kinds of things that get worried over most loudly from ages twelve to eighteen. It’s tempting to think that our emotions become more complex and multitudinous when we grow up. But most of us continue following those same early tracks, the ones we gouged in adolescence; the whole spectrum of human experience, all that longing and self-doubt, is perfectly sketched out in those formative years. That’s where pop-punk lives. Its rawness lies not in the music but in the heady newness of those feelings.

Read the full article here.

blink news roundup, summer tour photos

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As blink-182 continues their 2016 summer tour to promote California, capacity crowds have come out to see blink rock the house, but in the meantime blink’s been in the news here and there.

Brooklyn Vegan:  blink-182 and the Descendents’ comebacks, and the enduring influence of pop-punk

Las Vegas Review-Journal:  Matt Skiba performs confidently at the helm of blink-182  Tuscon emo night finding its footing (for context, Mark was a guest DJ for the event at one point)

As blink’s tour rolls on, fantastic photos from their performances keep pouring in.  All photos courtesy of:

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blink does the ol’ instrument switcharoo!

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Some of you may have seen that in the past few shows, blink-182 has done the instrument shuffle for the song “Blow Job,” and if you’ve ever wanted to see Travis play bass, now’s your chance!

All pictures courtesy of RobertNoise.


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Results of the Ultimate Blink-182 Fan Poll

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Since late June, I have been gathering input from all manner of blink-182 fandom via a Google Survey.  Sources include several huge message boards (including the forum of course!), the blink-182 subreddit, and many more communities that have a passion for blink’s music and members, past and present.  Thank you to any and all of the 1,872 fans that were kind enough to take some time to fill out the survey.  Let’s take a look at the results:


The majority of fans seem to give this album a B grade, trending toward a B+.


Just over half of all blink-182 fans polled find California to be a progression for the band since their last release, “Dogs Eating Dogs.



Cynical was the hands-down uncontested favorite, while the consensus on 2 and 3 were much harder to reach.  San Diego pulled ahead with a very late charge, snatching the silver medal with a 33% tally, with Left Alone & She’s Out of Her Mind coming in a virtual tie for bronze.


Fans were hard-fought to choose which songs they DIDN’T like from this album, and the disparity is clear.  Los Angeles’s unusual nature for a blink song earned it the #1 ranking for Least Liked, but Teenage Satellites was always floating in the top of the chart since this poll’s inception.


Here’s where the Tom data starts to trickle in, and 1/5th of those polled miss the former frontman.  Outside of support for Mark, a quarter of the surveyed felt they couldn’t pick a favorite.


The bulk of results came from long-time fans, which makes sense considering the band has been around for nearly a quarter century.  I’ll reshape that question for our next survey.


Nearly half of the results coming from people born in the early-to-mid 1990s.


No love for Buddha?  The age of the participants in tandem with this question, as the bulk of those polled loved the untitled/self-titled 2003 album which many consider the band’s masterpiece.


Despite the positive reactions from many critics and fans, most apparently have no interest in seeing John Feldmann return as blink’s producer for their next work.



I was surprised to see the Tom questions net data that inclines toward fans supporting DeLonge.


Among the rumored titles for this record, the majority of you agreed with blink in that they aren’t up to snuff.


No question about it – fans enjoy Bored To Death as the lead single off of California.


The overwhelming majority of those polled stood by She’s Out Of Her Mind as the best alternative lead single.


In the first of two final gag questions, most fans must’ve felt they were only halfway home.


The runaway response here was that 748 of you have fucked my mother, and for that I thank you.

Thanks again to ALL OF YOU who participated!  Join our forum and discuss the results!

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