Blink-182 w/ Matt Skiba play Soma, San Diego

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blink-182 Rehearsals

Blink-182 w/Matt Skiba will be playing Soma, San Diego on the 20th of March. Tickets on sale Tomorrow …



Tom DeLonge posts Unreleased Clips of blink-182 songs

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Tom posted this on his Instagram page:

#SongsWithoutAHome #March1st

A video posted by Official Tom DeLonge (@tomdelonge) on

Minutes later he followed with another clip, check it out after the jump

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blink-182 Rehearsals Have Begun

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blink-182 Rehearsals

Mark posted this on Instagram with the following caption:.

blink-182 rehearsals

Presumably rehearsals for the Musink festival with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio.

BlinkGate 2015 – The Story So Far

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Here is a rundown of all the statements and responses made up to this point. This post will be updated as more news comes in.

Statement from the band says Tom DeLonge will be leaving blink-182 indefinitely


Tom DeLonge Responds by saying he never quit the band


Tom: “I love blink-182 and I’m not leaving” #hugging


Mark cancels KROQ Interview with Stryker


Mark and Travis Call out Tom in Interview with Rolling Stone


Tom tweets saying they debated kicking out Travis, then deletes it minutes later


Mark holds an interview with AlternativePress clearing up some points


Tom Responds with a lengthy letter to fans telling his side of the story


blink-182 begin rehearsing with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio


Tom DeLonge Posts Unreleased Clips of blink-182 Songs


We want to hear what YOU have to say on the story! There is a huge discussion going on in our forums, register here and join the discussion here!

Mark Interview with Alt Press

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Mark Hoppus

Mark spoke to Alternative Press

We should make it clear that Matt Skiba will be playing with you and Travis for the Musink show only on March 22. Everything after that is a question mark.
MARK HOPPUS: After that, we don’t know. We haven’t played a show with Matt yet, so it’s too soon to really say what goes beyond on that. We’re very optimistic and excited about the possibilities of continuing with Matt in some way. He’s a good friend, a great guitarist, a great singer. He has a really positive attitude. I think we’ve been friends for, what, 15 years? We don’t have anything booked beyond that, but we are hopeful and excited.

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Tom DeLonge issues a Letter to the Fans

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Tom DeLonge

Tom took to Facebook to post a letter outlining his side of blink-182 story. 


Where to begin?

The truth is always a good place. Let’s go there.

I love Blink and am incredibly grateful for having it in my life. It has given me everything. EVERYTHING. I started this band, it was in my garage where I dreamed up the mischief.

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