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FelleAndersson wrote:No disrespect to Critter, but it seems like Tom had much of the control over the music AvA made, and to be honest, alot of it got potential but eventually most of it falls flat, some of it has this great build up only leading into disappointment. Most of it is catchy yes, but that's not what it always should be.

This is exactly how I feel about AVA, and a lot of the songs on Neighborhoods. The verses would build up awesomely and then the chorus would come in pretty weak.

I don't mind Blink doing 'Throwback' songs. As long as it comes around naturally. I for one love Heart's All Gone. It seems to me like Mark just wanted to write a fast kick ass punk song. And since he wrote some of the best fast punk rock songs out there, why shouldn't he?

Re: 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Topic

FelleAndersson wrote: My only wish is that they could get into the spirit they were in pre "Enema of the State", not the sound, but the spirit. They did some pretty cool shit by themselves back in the day, so we know they're capable, I just hope that Tom hasn't gotten to full of himself like he often tend to do, but hopefully with the backing of Mark and Travis, they'll create something beautiful.

To be fair, watching them record self-titled you could see how into it they were. It takes true ambition and determination, not to mention togetherness to lock yourselves together for that long to record an album. I think everyone knows Neighborhoods wasn't the greatest, but you need to walk before you can run.

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