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Re: Tom Seemed Very Unmoved Tonight

i wonder how the people at modlife reacted :lol: EDIT: OMFG check out the front page of Blink 182 Is back, What happens to AVA? It's unkown what will happen to Angels & Airwaves. What we do know, it's uncertain whether AVA fans will ever trust Tom again. We will h...

Re: Tom Seemed Very Unmoved Tonight

He was standing the a ways from them and just didn't seem as happy as Travis, and especially Mark....was this just me who thought this lol. If so...woops what did you expect? for him to do back flips? be nice man, he just expected a little more from tom tonight, that's all... IMO, I think tom was j...

Re: no 18+ section?

Alyssa wrote:This belongs in development.

Sorry, you're going to have get your hentai supply from somewhere else.

haha ok you guys got me there...I was just in the mood for it...XD

can't believe you guys actually remember who I am and what I a way I'm thanking you...

Re: Toms Guitar

I wish he stuck with fender all the way, but it's too late now, he'll keep using his gibson, he'll either have new colors or modded....

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