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Re: Bored to Death Discussion

Waggy wrote:
henry wrote:Holy shit.

I love it.

Hell yeah! What's up Henry? How ya doin buster?

Not too bad man. How about yourself?

This song would've blown away anything on Neighborhoods for me. I'm honestly pretty shocked how much I like it.

Re: The Game Thread

Love the horse riding, it just kind of bounces you off trees so you can gallop full pelt through the forest without getting blocked off all the time. That reminds me of the feature that Miamoto was talking about for the new Zelda and he said, "real horses don't run into trees" And it's li...

Re: The Game Thread

The card is pretty bad ass Henry 12-20 degrees colder with higher settings in GTA5 and the fans barely make any noise, they also stop spinning completely out of games. That's one of the best parts actually lol beforehand I would have to turn my volume up pretty loud to not hear the graphics card fa...

Re: Cops

frisky wrote:Still love the episode where the dude hit his wife with a cheeseburger and the cops could not tell if it was blood or ketchup all over her and the living room.

I know this is a super old thread but this is hilarious

Re: The Game Thread

Just saw this, forgot to add you lol. Been playing a lot of GTA, still have only done the first 2 out of 5 heists though. Been repeating the Prison Break one a lot because different friends come online and want to get that one done first lol. Hopefully I can do the others soon I got Project Cars. A...

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