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Re: Reunion Part 2?

Tom. wrote:Travis is doing a documentary about his plane crash.
Sorry to burst your bubble!
Well done for finding the only unlocked part of the forum though!

Ah well... guess i was just looking for an excuse to post. :headlikeafuckingorange:

Re: Indefinite Hiatus

I've enjoyed you all more than much of the music we got, some golden memories from here I'll keep close. Wishing everyone the best, this place was one hell of a party.

Spoiler: show
And I'm still holding out hope for that +44 reunion :headlikeafuckingorange:

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Can someone please tell me what the fuck this is? I don't see how it's not Tom. Edit: Well fuck, I guess it's not. So this carbon copy of Tom exists but they ask Matt to fill in? Get this guy to fill the void for ...

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