blink-182 have been nominated for a Grammy. Yes, you read that correctly. A FREAKIN' GRAMMY! blink-182's back-to-their-roots record 'California' has been nominated for Best Rock Album ! In total blink-182 have received 10 nominations in the past for Kerrang!, MTV and Teens Choice awards (amongst others), but they have never been nominated for a Grammy - until now! THEY DID IT! Do you think blink-182 has what it takes to win this year? why not discuss it with us on our forums!

blink-182 big announcement November 6th?!

blink-182 are making a 'very special announcement' on Sunday November 6th, from 7pm. As this is the BBC, this probably means 7pm UK time, so for you USA fans thats 2pm EST or 11am PST. Now there's a very high probability that the announcement is the 'official' unveiling of the European tour. There has already been a few dates semi-announced for this, including Download Festival in France, which suggests they'll also be performing at the UK Download festival as well. It being the European tour would also make sense because they're announcing it on UK radio, and the image above (and posted in magazines) randomly states '2017',

blink-182 European Tour Dates!

blink-182 have previously mentioned that they would likely tour Europe next year during the summer. This seems to be true! as we are already starting to get blink-182 shows confirmed for the next year! blink-182 will be one of the headline acts for Nova Rock in Austria, the festival takes place from the 14th - 17th of June, 2017. Click here for info! They are also rumoured to be performing at Hurricane / Southside Festival (23rd - 25th of June) in Germany, which we will confirm soon. There are still some USA dates in December, but it looks like blink-182 are planning their big European tour! Who's excited?! Why


Blink-182 Originally Surprise Act At Weenie Roast?

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Fans who watched the live stream of the KROQ Weenie Roast on Saturday night saw this video at the end of the stream after TRV$ DJ-AM’s set.  Throughout the day KROQ played pre-recorded videos between the sets and this was obviously one of those pre-recorded videos.  Was blink-182 originally supposed to be the surprise act at Weenie Roast like so many fans had hoped?  KROQ tweeted:

@iheartsmegma Blink 182 did not play. It was an error. We recorded two show closes and played the wrong one. Our video guy was drunk.

TRV$ DJ-AM On Live Stream From KROQ Weenie Roast

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KROQ is streaming the Weanie Roast live online.  TRV$ DJ-AM are set to go on at 9:30PM PST. You can watch the show below or on

HMNIM: After Four Long Years

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Mark blogged:

the return of blink-182 to the stage!!! t-mobile threw a big party at the paramount lot here in los angeles to launch their new sidekick, and they asked us to play. the whole thing was a secret. travis and dj-am were already scheduled to perform, and as a surprise ending, blink-182 came out at the very end and played a few songs. during the night, weezer performed and played the hits, along with a few covers. TRVS/DJ-AM dominated (as they always do), and then we played. to be honest, it was one of the best nights of my life. thanks to everyone who was there. thanks to t-mobile. and most of all, thanks to travis and tom. you are my brothers, and it feels amazing to share the stage with you once again.

here are some photos from throughout the day and night.

our trailer


getting ready to soundcheck.


the bass of all basses




and photos from the show itself. all of the following photos were taken by megan thompson. if you take any of these to repost on other sites, please make sure you give her photo credit. she does great work.

here are some photos from tonight.







so much fun! i cannot wait to go on tour this summer. there are many more photos from the show tonight, but it’s now 2am and i’m gonna call it a day. thanks again, everyone!!

More photos of the event can be found by clicking the continue reading button located below.

Extra credit to Megan Thompson for the photographs.

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TRV$DJ-AM at T-Mobile Sidekick Party in LA & Surprise Appearance

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Show your T-Mobile Sidekick and skip the line at one of our exclusive party locales around the country. Check out an exclusive performance with TRV$DJ-AM and a special surprise appearance LIVE via satellite from the star-studded LA launch event. It all goes down on May 14th.

Mark tweeted:

@petewentz yes sir!! I’m going to the tmobile party tonight to watch trvs/am. Wanna come to the party?

Videos – |

Who could this special surprise appearance be?  Discuss it in our forums!

Colin Weeks tweeted:

At T-Mobile Blink 182 party at Paramount Studios Lot

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

We were not invited to this star studded event, but you know that won’t stop us. We’re crashing it! It’s Blink 182dag nab it!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

Totally twittering @ the Internet Cafe set up on NY street on the Paramount Lot right in front of stage where Weezer and Blink are playing!!

Scott D. Floyd tweeted:

Sidekick LX event tonight in LA. Blink and Weezer playing…Sidekick has its MoJo back.

Jessie Malakouti tweeted:

OMg! Omg! Just heard special guest tonight at t mobile party is blink 182 reunited!!!!! I’m shitting!!!!!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

Honestly, this is the best thing I have been to in a while… and we see a lot of shows. Weezer was fucking amazing… waiting for TRV$/AM!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

@linky182 Blink will be on soon! Twit pics to come!

YouTellConcerts tweeted: – Weezer set list. TRV$/AM setting up

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

BLINK182 pics coming soon!! This party is for realz!!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:

@adimjuna it will happen. TRV$/DJAM next…. THEN BLINK182!! @markhoppus this is what you’ve been waiting for!

YouTellConcerts tweeted:




Russell Gordon tweeted:

WHOLLY SHIT!!!!!!They just taped a set list to the stage… “Rock Show” “Feeling This” and “Dammit” this is the best day EVER!!!! #blink182!

Kevin Scott tweeted:


TRV$DJAM at T-Mobile party. Rad.

YouTellConcerts tweeted:



Dana Brunetti tweeted:

That was Travis and DJ AM. Blink 182 next! Stay tuned!!!

KROQ Weenie Roast Set Times & Webcast

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KROQ posted the set times for the Weenie Roast this Saturday May 16 where TRV$ DJ-AM will be performing. A limited amount of tickets are still available.   Can’t make it?  KROQ will broadcast the show live on

1:30pm – Big B
2:00pm – Anberlin
2:30pm – Asher Roth
3:00pm – Hollywood Undead
3:30pm – White Lies
4:00pm – Cage the Elephant
4:30pm – The Airborne Toxic Event
5:00pm – Silversun Pickups
5:40pm – Rancid
6:20pm – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7:00pm – Jimmy Eat World
7:50pm – Kings of Leon
8:40pm – Weezer
9:30pm – TRV$DJ-AM

Travis Barker: “New Blink Is Gonna Be A While”

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A fan tweeted:

@trvsbrkr looking forward to hearing that blink and u and dj am mixtape. When you going to make that new youtube

Travis tweeted:

@Gemeni81 TRVS/DJAM mixtape coming very soon. New BLINK is gonna be a while