Video: Brand New blink-182 Songs Live!

Watch and listen to the new songs, ‘After Midnight’ and ‘Ghost on the Dancefloor’ below!

Be sure to watch in HD for the best audio quality!

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17 Responses to Video: Brand New blink-182 Songs Live!

  1. Andrew Raschke

    Holy shit! ‘Ghost on the Dancefloor’ sounds AMAZING!

  2. Jorge

    the song at 4:40 sounds amazing!

  3. Tomisgod

    ghost on the dancefloor sounds good but i hope toms not ripped of the melody to there is just a tad?!?!

  4. Bryan Plummer

    this song appears to be insanely amazing.

  5. Bradley Edwards

    Leave out the fucking syths and keyboards Tom shit. Every Tom song on the new record is a AVA B-side. Don’t get me wrong I like AVA but for fucks sake. If it wasn’t for Mark there would be no Blink. The first song is the war made over more or less. Mark saved it with a good chorus.

  6. Bradley Edwards

    I will say although I still think the songs are great.

  7. Oscar Alejandro Aranda

    The Four songs played are:

    – Up All Night
    – After Midnight
    – Heart´s Alll Gone
    – Ghost on the Dance Floor

  8. Bom

    the verses sound like There Is by Boxcar

  9. Mx-chriz

    i think…they should just play there is from BCR ;), no need to change the title right?

  10. Ethan

    ghost on the dancefloor sounds like an 80s song and i dig that.

  11. girls mustach

    Don´t get me wrong i´m a big blink fan but i think the album wouldn´t be that amazing because every blink 182 song has a special melodie that sounds in your head. Example Story of a Lonely Guy but the new songs like ghost on the dancefloor or after midnight sounds boring.They sound so half ready.Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  12. HeartAttack

    @facebook-100000520121112:disqus  – have you even heard anything from their past albums? Synth and keyboard tracks are as much a part of their music as are drums, guitars and bass. In any case, I’m absolutely loving After Midnight and Ghost on the Dancefloor, they are catchy as hell for sure.

  13. Rolbriguy

    congratulations you like mark more than tom.  nobody cares..

  14. Melanie

    after midnight intro sounds like the song heaven by ava, love it though

  15. Bradley Edwards

    Yea I have heard their past albums, hence being a fan for 13 years. I also know they have used keys and synths in the past but more subtle. Don’t get me wrong the songs are still good and I’m enjoying them for the most part. I was just stating the obvious that Tom is overdoing it with adding it to ever song he writes anymore and are mostly the same notes and effects. It’s becoming a little redundant just like me and others stating it.

  16. Bradley Edwards

    Thanks for caring enough to reply!

  17. Rick H

    Jerry Finn would have made these songs way better. They’re still good but he would have pushed them to be more original, I think. Tom’s vocal patterns are boring. Travis and Mark nail it though. Hopefully there are some more good surprises on the album.