New blink-182 Record ‘Neighborhoods’ To Be Released Sept 27th

Mark Hoppus was on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show this morning. He confirmed the album will be finished and turned in by July 31. They will play 3 or 4 new songs on tour. September 27th is the tentative album release date. The big announcement was the album title, ‘Neighborhoods’. Mark said:

What we’ve discovered through the reformation of blink-182 is that the three of us are very different, but put together we do something that we really like.  …Kinda like different neighborhoods that make up a city.

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3 Responses to New blink-182 Record ‘Neighborhoods’ To Be Released Sept 27th

  1. Caleb Harris

    im pretty sure i speak for everyone when i say OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG like OMG. This news can turn even the manliest man into a giddy school girl from tentical lovin japan

  2. MattYouhess

  3. Mrpenishead182

    I have listen to the song at least 20 times since its release yesterday… somethings gotta be wrong with me…. I hope that next single is soon I dont think I can hold out 2 months =/