Angels & Airwaves’ LOVE Pt II Pushed Back to Fall


Angels & Airwaves‘ frontman Tom Delonge has revealed that the band’s double album and feature film, LOVE II, has been pushed back to fall of this year. LOVE II was originally set to see a release on Valentine’s day this year. Delonge made the announcement in a video that can be watched below. He speaks on the situation around the 8 minutes and 40 seconds mark.

Now, normally we don’t post too much Angels & Airwaves news here at this site, but could this possibly be due to blink-182 working on their new album and having to tour in the summer?

Thanks to Matt and tonybones24 from our forums!

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5 Responses to Angels & Airwaves’ LOVE Pt II Pushed Back to Fall

  1. Sdggjhfd

    Ugh. Not a surprise at all but I’m sick of waiting :(!

  2. Will Smith

    ha, its because they want a distributor for the movie, try and get it in theaters….

  3. Anonymous

    With the decreased traffic to this site, and many others…..I am sure your not the only one sick and tired of waiting.

  4. Danielhey

    Tom’s hat sucks

  5. Wonderball

    To the FALL?!?!?!? heheh well we now have the blink-182 album to look foward to 😛 Before i thought when love part 2 would come out i would listen to that album everyday until the blink album comes out well looks like the tables have turned lol