Blinkumentary Update via TwitCam

Haven and Matt were live on TwitCam and gave some updates on the progress of the Blinkumentary.

-Expected release date should be mid summer, “definitely before Euro Tour” (Which kicks off August 16th)

-Showed a cut of one of the songs they’ve been working on

-Film is coming together and they’re on schedule

You can “Like” the HNDSMRNDSM and Blinkumentary Facebook pages.

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6 Responses to Blinkumentary Update via TwitCam

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  2. Blink 180-Topher

    Big ups to Haven and Matt for grinding down and getting this done for us. Hopefully everyone will show their support and appreciation and by a copy when it hits in July. I’ve been dying for another live album since Mark Tom and Travis show and the Blinkumentary is the closest I think we’re going to get for a while. So thanks to Matt and Have for being totally bad ass dudes and devoting so much time and effort to this.

  3. Blink 180-Topher

    I meant August. hopefully. Not July. Awesome.

  4. crappyrabbit

    We want more News please!

  5. devilkid0928

    you guys are awesome cant wait till it comes out =) soo pumped

  6. Sydney Sterback

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