blink-182 x Maxx242 Limited Edition Tour Poster

From pickRset:

blink-182 has teamed with artist Maxx242 to create a limited edition tour poster.

In honor of the upcoming blink-182 summer 2009 tour blink-182 has teamed with Artist Maxx242 to create a special limited edition silk screened poster for the bands upcoming tour. The poster will be limited to 1,820 pieces with only 30 pieces sold at each show. Once they are gone they are gone.

“We tried to create really special limited edition items for this tour which will include posters, toys and nightly event t-shirts. Our goal was to do something really unique for all of the fans that they can not get anywhere else other that at the shows.”

More limited edition items will soon be announced.

You can check out the bands tour dates and request songs for the band to play at

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6 Responses to blink-182 x Maxx242 Limited Edition Tour Poster

  1. Ely

    This is so rad! Im totally gunna try and buy one!

  2. jiggy

    Jeff Soto inspired?

  3. lookimrory

    bad. ass. i like how they are bringing the bunny back in several different ways. i just hope that the old one still comes around too…

  4. brian

    is this the poster were going to get in the fan package for the 200 tixs we bought?

  5. DeAtH StAr ThEoRy

    fuck, sum1 buy me in the u.k, hmm wonder if ebay will hav them on…at stupid prices ofcourse

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