Blink-182 Originally Surprise Act At Weenie Roast?

Fans who watched the live stream of the KROQ Weenie Roast on Saturday night saw this video at the end of the stream after TRV$ DJ-AM’s set.  Throughout the day KROQ played pre-recorded videos between the sets and this was obviously one of those pre-recorded videos.  Was blink-182 originally supposed to be the surprise act at Weenie Roast like so many fans had hoped?  KROQ tweeted:

@iheartsmegma Blink 182 did not play. It was an error. We recorded two show closes and played the wrong one. Our video guy was drunk.

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6 Responses to Blink-182 Originally Surprise Act At Weenie Roast?

  1. 144

    i care why?

  2. Blink-O

    jesus. they probably got kicked in the ass by t-mobile.

    kroq would have been SO much better. fuck fuck shit fuck.

  3. Tommy b

    so gay, i went to weenie roast hoping they would be there,
    and to hear they were supposed but didnt blows

  4. Hotpants182

    lol, thanks for sharing my video;)

  5. ryan34


  6. I Miss You 182

    That’s so weird that they would show this video, not even thinking that “Hey, Blink 182 didn’t play. Won’t this be confusing?” haha