Audio: Blink-182 Interview On KROQ

blink-182 On KROQ

Blink-182 was on the Kevin and Bean show this morning on KROQ.  They talked about the past, present, and future of blink-182, possible tour names (including a fan recommended “One Way Ticket To Boneville”), the new album, Tom’s dogs, and more.  You can listen to a recording of the show here:

[audio: | titles=blink-182 Interview on KROQ | artists=Kevin and Bean (05.18.09) ]

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28 Responses to Audio: Blink-182 Interview On KROQ

  1. lplp

    SWEET, thanks, this was like recorded 2 secs after they left.

  2. teapot

    hahaha sweet screen shot. did you guys rip the full video too? thanks!

  3. Droncz92

    Can someone sum it up, cant watch video at work…

  4. TheEffortless

    its just audio

    and its just them talking really, saying stuff we already know and talking about possible tour names.

  5. rawr182

    how about blink 180-TOUR!
    … get it?

  6. Lena



  7. rawr182

    it’s a play on words.
    you know like if saying blink-one eighty TOUR!

  8. rawr182

    instead of blink- one eighty TWO

  9. kittie loves chow

    i think it’s a great idea
    “blink one-eighty tour”

  10. Barrett

    i think the tour should be called “The Crappy Punk Rock Tour”

  11. D-dawg

    Lena definitely did NOT get it. haha

  12. Brandon


  13. StrongTower182

    I love them. I really do.

  14. henrique

    great interview. nice to see them get along and laugh. good times.

  15. Nick

    LMAO. I love tom. ahh He’s Back to his old self

  16. ToriAlexas

    Im glad its recorded….cause i was in class this morning…i wish i could of seen the stickam though…

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  18. Blink182+44BoxcarAngels

    lol anyone else found it funny how tom whispers all american rejects cuz he dnt wanna say the band name, n say marks been riffin with them all so well but he prefer jus sit back n watch lol

  19. Pat Loftus

    lmao “i was in the fetal position throwing up all night”

    tom is back lol

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  21. pete

    i cant find kroq!!!!!!!

  22. jenn r

    i like how one of the DJs reference blink playing at old KROQ station in 93/94 and travis playing with them. i think at that time, they were doing a demo, and they definitely weren’t playing at anything KROQ. travis didn’t replace scott until 98. lovely! get your facts straight! lol

  23. I Miss You 182

    “One Way Ticket to Bonerville” is genius. haha

  24. oli

    rofl! can’t wait to see blink live.

  25. Lura Polit

    not a bad way of putting it haha

  26. Descargar

    Saludos desde el frío Polo Sur 🙂

  27. Pj

    does anyone have an audio copy of this interview where i can download it? if not, is there a way i can do it that doesn’t involve turning it up loud and recording it hahaha