Travis Named One Of The 10 Great Punk Drummers

IGN Music posted an article about 10 Great Punk Drummers, which includes Travis Barker:

Travis Barker
Blink-182/+44/Boxcar Racer/The Aquabats

Although he’s become a reality show star and tabloid target in the last few years, that doesn’t mean Travis Barker still isn’t one of the greatest drummers the punk world has yet to birth. In the span of a 3-minute pop/punk song, he’ll rock as hard as a death metal drummer in one section while flipping it over to a jazz styled backbeat the next. His fluidity knows no boundaries. It’s no wonder he looks up to forward-thinking musicians like Stewart Copeland (The Police) for inspiration. If you really want to hear Barker let loose, seek out Blink-182’s The Mark, Tom and Travis Show. On the disc it’s almost like someone told the guy he had one night left to play before he died; it’s that relentless.

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7 Responses to Travis Named One Of The 10 Great Punk Drummers

  1. Josh Borland

    It’s truly insane! Travis is just pure sex on drums!

  2. chris

    He’s certainly my favorite drummer

  3. Mike Brown

    Travis is just THE best drummer of this generation…simple as that really…sit back and watch a musical legend at work!

  4. Joker

    I looked at the list and apparently Travis is listed with a lot of drummers that are just too overated… Tre’Cool is on the list, pfft, none of the drummers on the list have nothing compared to Travis.. The rest are good punk drummers, yes, but they have not the skill and technique as Travis has… I mean, Tommy Ramone is on the list, c’mon?… Tommy Ramone played the same beat on every Ramones album he was on… Staying in time doesn’t make you a great drummer, improvising makes you a great drummer, and Travis does plenty of that.. In 50 years he’ll be looked as one of the best of all time, he’ll be looked up too like people look up the jazz players of yesteryear…

  5. Joker

    Might I add that Tom and Mark are great song writers, but Travis makes those two guys sound great… Atom Willard is ok for AVA, but damn man, watch the video above, listen to the verse “I know it must be late, been gone since yesterday”, listen too how quiet those drums get, then they get explosively loud.. Travis has great control over his drums…

  6. stuart

    travis is easily the best drummer alive

  7. Ghiwa

    Travis IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST DRUMMER EVER..he’s like a God of drums and like someone said here He’s sex on drums.. well fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!:d He’s putten a lot of creativity and just awesome drums sounds in blink songs:D He’s the best of the best no questions asked:d <3 Traaavis<3