Tom: Modcam Updates

Edit: Video/still removed by request due to Modlife copyright violation.

  • AVA movie pushed back. May be release with the new CD.
  • Next AVA record may sound like new Blink cd.
  • Blink not doing much touring. But he did say they will be touring in a big event this summer. which could be warped tour, but no further info was given.
  • Blink modlife a real possibility. Tom also said that both Mark and Travis like the idea about it. He also said that since he and the rest of everyone on AVA modlife are tied together, he might make the blink modlife free for ppl who suscribe to AVA.
  • AVA might not be touring, not in studio this year because Tom is in the studio with Blink.
  • Blink is NOT temporary. They will be releasing their album this year, as well as touring.
  • Blink and AVA modlifes might be 2 for the price of 1.
  • Tom ALMOST played part of a blink demo, but he decided not to because he knew that it would be bootleged all over and that he should talk to Mark and Travis about it first.
  • David, Matt, and Atom are apparently working on their own project down in the studio that tom said he will tell us later about.
  • Thanks to our forum member famous_burro and himynameisbrett for the updates.

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    • okifeelthat

      thanks for the info! glad to hear no AVA is in the plans this year!! but blink not doing much touring?!? and next AVA may sound like new blink?? lame.

    • Mike

      WOO NOT TEMPORARY good enough for me, what does he mean by points 2 and 5? they are instudio already arent they?? lol


    • Julie

      Next AVA record may sound like new blink. ?????

    • Steve Macevic

      thats great to hear that now everyone can let out the final sigh of relief. if people had their doubts they shouldn’t anymore. blink is NOT temporary BLINK-182 IS BACK. they were my first concert ever in 2001 and i am so stoked to be hearing all the great news!

    • nyt13

      he said it may sound like new blink, but then he said he is going to try and push to the limit for ava since blink is back to sound like blink

    • Douglas

      good to know blink isn’t temporary. I can’t not wait for the new album and to see them live! thanks for the update

    • Douglas

      i think blink could work out really well. tom could still go off after they tour and do ava while mark produces and travis does all his stuff then go back into the studio awhen they are ready

    • Ashley

      thank god that blink isn’t temporary =)
      ..but didn’t mark say that he didn’t like modlife?
      (not complaining though, just a thought)

      those lightsabres or however you spell it was the shit man, awesome.
      tom is funny again!

    • Kyle

      This is completely awesome. Blink is back for good.
      But still, those demos from a while back totally sounded like AVA, but they are blink. It’s gonna be weird. But I’m excited!

    • joel peru

      y the fuck would tom make a ava album that sounds like blink? he should just go blink full time its not like anyone likes ava more than blink anyway.

    • joel peru

      but fuckit i shouldent complain the blink reunion is the best thing that has happened for a wile

    • joe

      I’m kind of confused… “AVA might not be touring, not in studio this year because Tom is in the studio with Blink.”

      I thought AVA was currently recording…? They are finished or they have not even started and won’t be starting this year?

    • Mike

      Im thinking that the reason that his new ava stuff might sound like blink . . . . MAY have sumthing to do with Tom reverting back, some-what to ‘old tom’ that we know and love :D


    • Orian

      So they’re not going to tour much, but they’re going to do an album and a tour? We’ll be seeing the AvA movie with the new record… yet we’re not going to see a new AvA record this year. It’s starting to sound like Tom is completely full of horse shit on this movie thing and he’s doing everything he can to delay it until we forget. First it shoulda been out a year ago, then six months ago, then it was almost finished, then it was delayed, then it was finished now it’s delayed again… it’s starting to sound like Duke Nukem Forever.

    • dan

      haha, yeah it’s the Duke Nukem Forever of documentaries.

    • kenTBMH

      to Orion: about the movie, thats SO true haha

      but the touring thing I think makes sense. By saying that they won’t be doing much touring, probably means like once a year or something instead of being on the road for like 3 years at a time.

      I think that works out great, cause they cans till work on other musical projects/recordings for blink and other bands while they don’t tour.

      AND because its not temporary, we can expect them to continue to perform

      This is awesome, and completely understandable news. The members had moved on, but found each other again, but were still stuck with new bands, projects, etc..

      I could see AVA dissolving within the next few years, but you never know…

    • jacobman

      is there any old blink demos because i never heard anything after self titled besides a 30 second clip i think. and if there is can anyone send them to my email

    • Svante

      Awesome news, hearing from Tom that Blink isn’t just a temporary thing is great to hear and I think that he’s really stoked about this as everybody else :D

      Then I’m glad that he didn’t say that new Blink is going to sound like AvA … it was the other way around. Everybody in AvA are all old punkrockers asweel so that ain’t to hard to believe is it?

    • madne$$

      shit that is some good news, i am very excited. how nuts would that be if blink was back on warped? i think i just came

    • daveblinkbass

      Ok some of those points were confusing e.g blink not doing much touring but may do a big event. Perhaps it’s what kenTBMH said not touring for 3 years straight for example. As for the AVA movie…shit always gets delayed and they probaly thought it would be best to release it with the next AVA cd so it won’t be the final production won’t be distracting the blink recording process. jacobman posted enema demos about a year ago I think it was, they may still be there somewhere. There is like 5-6 songs. Really looking forward to a newspost from mark perhaps a new podcast explaining more!! wishful thinking I know :)

    • BenGathercole

      COOOL! Tom please tell me more about the UFO things you’re doing!! I’m not a member of ModLife but I’m thinking about joining now :) Although I think that Tom should set up his own website with webcams in his studio, a chat room and message boards etc so he can Blog and talk to fans of both Blink and AVA. Just a thought.

      … and I thought 2009 was gonna be a rubbish year :) LOL

    • tom

      my vid isnt working

    • Tom

      Damn if I’d known that whole live broadcast would be here I wouldn’t have get out of bed so early. lol ohwell I saw it live ;)

    • ricky

      just seems like toms talking shit the whole time when talking bout blink, doesnt seem real excited like when he talks bout ava

    • mhp


    • Notis

      Hey guys, did you heard the “blink182 demo” part at the end??
      Because i cant….:S:S

    • David

      I’m not likin’ how much he talks about AVA…

    • Svante

      Well it is a AvA Modlife isn’t it David? We should be glad that he is talking so much about Blink 182 and he really sounds excited about everything! :D Cool if Blink would get a Modlife!

    • waggy


      Like anyone gives a shit about the movie anyway. lmao.

    • stuart

      what does he mean ‘not much touring’ ???????

    • kie

      God i hope the new blink album doesnt sound like ava

    • Tom DeLonge

      KIE, are you retarded?

      He said AVA will sound more lke Blink in the future.

    • guy

      haha maybe ava sounds like blink because blink is starting to sound like ava listen to the demo sadly it looks like it but i hope im wrong

    • Freiteez

      Sounds very contradicting :/

    • blinkonline


    • kendall


    • Matthew

      Sounds good… I’m not pleased to hear that blink sounds like toms stuff tho. I think on take off your pants and jacket and enema had alot more mark than tom. Tom seems to be getting a little flaky and full of himself the last few years. I hope the guys in blink will be able to calm him down and make him remember

    • PincoPallino

      what demo??

    • Nic182

      Any thoughts on what the big tour for blink could be? maybe a few dates on warped? i don’t know green day has there new record so we might be able to see another pop disaster tour which would blow my mind! any other thoughts?

    • Nic182

      also honday civic tour is this summer too hhhhhhmmmmm…..

    • rool

      Hey, can somebody upload the vid somewhere like mediafire etc…? ’cause it is not available for my country. Thanks

    • russian blink fan srry im odont speak english

      I’m Russian blink fan sorry! I’m don’t understand English!
      Короче если кто то понимает русский то ответте на вопрос
      приедет ли blink 182 в россию если приедет то когда и в какие города!!!????

    • Mike

      No offense tom, but i know a lot of people feel the same as i do, we only listened to ava cause you were in it, not very many people like it as much as blink, i know i don’t i only listen to ava cause i love you guitar riffs and vocals, i’m not saying get rid of ava, but focus on blink more than ava..

    • Cassie

      Tom,I know you read these
      you said you could be touring in a big event this summer or something, which could be taken as Warped Tour

      I beg of you, please make a stop in Kansas City, for last summer in Kansas City you got TORENTIALLY RAINED ON! you came out in your swim suit and everything, we begged you to go on with the show

      I think you owe Kansas City another visit! :) <3

    • Matt

      2 things:

      1) I have a hunch that warped tour may be their big summer event? Tom mentioned he was going to release his new website, a portal linking a bunch of warped tour affiliated bands at the same time they would be touring in the summer (makes sense that the tour would be warped tour). I can’t imagine how massive warped tour would be if blink was on it, could they really accomodate that many people?

      2) Did he just compare himself to Steven Speilberg and Mark and Travis to a camera man and writer?

    • D-dawg

      This here is great. And I’m really inspired to go buy a LightSaber now. ha!

    • blinkonline

      great how u edited my comment. don’t really know why you are so childish about this. it even says blink-182onine.con in the video

    • blinkonline

      at least now u credited it. thanks

    • Ewokshaterhenvar

      Green Day + Blink 182 = :)

    • zach

      they FOR SURE wont play warped tour…because at warped you only get a 1/2 hour…and plus theyre way too big. its for upcomming bands that will go on to change the world…exactly what blink did…they changed the whole music industry. no matter if they hate or them…if you ask anyone…do you know blink..they will for sure say yes.

      as for the honda civic tour…again…its a mini warped..except indoors. again..too commercial.

      I think blink will do their own tour. north america. 1 or 2 headline bands and then a 2 hour set(hopefully)

      but my whole point to all that is.


    • nolan182

      I just hope they come to Seattle!!!

    • chad

      hes not saying anything outlandish, hes just saying that new blink will be a combination of everything he has done in the past, not just ava

    • kenTBMH

      definetly agree with Zach there

    • Steve

      ok heres my 2 cents. warped isnt out of the question as it HAS had pretty popular acts on its stage from time to time. there isnt even going to BE a honda civic tour this year so that’s ruled out. i think a pop disasters 2 COULD be interesting if they did it right. as for the sound. i think everyone should stop listening and over-analizing the WORDS and just wait to judge until the record comes out. it seems like people are looking for ways to be let down by this when this is the very thing many people have been waiting YEARS to have happen. even if it DOES sound like AVA you’ll still be able to tell it’s blink. like tom said. the LAST blink record had hints of box car. keep in mind yes AVA’s ringleader is in blink but so is mark and travis. i’m sure THEIR elements will be heard JUST as much because 3 unique and creative minds make blink-182 and THATS what made them so great. just relax and enjoy everything that happens WHEN it happens and do what blink said…get ready

    • Grace

      I set my alarm at 5am to watch this and I pay out the arse for this shit. I am such a tool… but mostly, you’re a total dickhead for posting this.

    • Svante

      I hope they come to Sweden :D haha but it sounds like thats not going to happen ;(

    • daveblinkbass

      whatever steve said :)

    • Pat

      To me, this sounds like Tom would rather just continue doing Angels and Airwaves. It sounds as if he is just doing Blink as if to fulfill a void because of a tragedy. He mentions in different ways how he feels more at home with AVA, and that he feels he can do whatever he wants with them. Honestly, it seems as if Tom is simply using Blink 182 to make AVA more popular and easier to promote. With that said, I do like Angels and Airwaves, +44 and especially Blink, but from the sound of it, Tom is pretty stuck up, especially when he compared himself to a famous director, and Mark and Travis as no name writers.

    • me

      look at all those pockets on his jacket

    • heyitsjames

      Tom, if you read these . . .
      You’re fucking awesome lol, Be sure to give us all a head’s up on when you guys’s touring so we can get tickets :P Can’t wait to hear the new CD, heard the demos and they sound so new and exciting, can’t wait.
      P.s do NOT get rid of AVA. lol

    • heyitsjames

      Short clips of demos on utube anyway :P

    • Kyle

      I kinda agree with Devin but one thing…
      Blink is better than AVA.

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    • Chris

      Lets hope that they will not be going on the warped tour but instead touring with sum 41 or green day both who are going on tours this summer. If they go on warped tour they will only play 30-40 minutes on crappy stages with sound that sucks.

    • emma

      just listened to the apparent blink-182 demos and thought they sounded great :-) …but not for blink they’re way too much like AVA who i really love but think he should keep that sort of stuff for AVA or he’ll end up having two bands that sound exactly the same, which would not only be pointless but would disappoint alot of fans who have high expectation for the blink album..

    • mike

      OMFA if i heard the demo i’d shit.

    • Ryan

      Pleace come to Kansas City. YOu could fill up Arrowhead Stadium witch seats 80,000 people!!! Of all the people I talked to, I don’t know one that woulodnt want to go! PLEASE COME!!!(:

    • Taylor

      I think when he says that the new AVA cd will sound like blink, he means that blink is starting to sound more like AVA. You can hear it in the latest blink album… that album sounded different than any previous blink album… sounded more electronic like angels… i think the new blink album will sound even more like angels… I think that Mark realized what he was missing without Tom because tom is a much better musician… AVA did much better than plus44 and Mark is realizing it… Tom is the man and will be writing almost everything for blink now… I cant wait to hear the new blink and angels’ albums and see the tour this summer… and see the new AVA movie!!!!!

    • Erik

      It is possible to fail in many ways…while to succeed is possible only in one way.

    • west

      мда….вы все тут такие извращенцы..а я думал американцы самый умный народ!!!=((

    • Mike

      nice :)

    • Classie Uy

      what about some pics?