Blink in Australia update

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The band have played shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. All of which seemed to have gone down well with the fans and the band! They still have 3 more Soundwave dates:


  • Mar 01  Melbourne, Australia
  • Mar 02  Adelaide, Australia
  • Mar 04  Perth, Australia



And then its back to the US/UK and new album writing (hopefully!)

Here is a great video of the Sydney show from the 20th of February.  ENJOY!

TripleJ interview with news on the Blinkumentary

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Tom and Mark stopped by Triple J in Australia and had a short interview where they talk about the EP name, Brooks filling in for Travis and the state of the Blinkumentary.

You can listen below.  Read more

Blink(-1)82 Down Under

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It has been very quiet in the world of Blink-182 lately but today Tom and Mark play their first show in Australia with stand in drummer Brooks Wackerman.

We will be looking for any Aussies to post videos, stories and reviews of the shows in the forums and are you disappointed that you won’t get to see Travis play in Aus? Let us know in the forums 

Feb 20 Allphone Arena Sydney, Australia
Feb 22 RNA Showgrounds Brisbane, Australia
Feb 23 Soundwave – SOLD OUT Brisbane, Australia
Feb 24 Soundwave – SOLD OUT Sydney, Australia
Feb 26 Myer Music Bowl – SOLD OUT Melbourne Vic, Australia
Feb 27 Meyer Music Bowl Melbourne, Australia
Mar 01 Soundwave – SOLD OUT Melbourne, Australia
Mar 02 Soundwave – SOLD OUT Adelaide, Australia
Mar 04 Soundwave – SOLD OUT Perth, Australia

Dogs Eating Dogs Live Chat

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Live Chat for the day of Dogs Eating Dogs release. 

The chat, which is going to be up at will be up for 24 hours. During that time you can chat about the EP if you listen to it early or just enjoy the occasion.

At around 11PMGMT which is 6PM New York and 3PM LA (time may change due to demand, if it does we will let you know) we will have the listen through of the EP and you get to do it with lots of people at the same time and give real time reactions.

You will have to log into wordpress through this link:

takes like 2 seconds and your email is safe and won’t be spread around and you can do it now, so you can just come to the site and jump straight in on the 18th.

If you want you can use your 182online username which would make it easier for people to recognise everyone and we can know who was actually in the chat!

Moderators are Blue in the chat and will try to monitor it for as much of the 24 hours as possible.

Hope to see you there!

“We’re free agents at the top of our game”

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Tom recently spoke to Billboard about the Dogs Eating Dogs and the future of blink-182

Read the full article after the jump.

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Pre-Order the EP on its own

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You can now pre-order the EP on its own from for $4.99 GO!