AP.net: Confirmation That AVA Still Exists

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From absolutepunk.net:

Atom from Angels and Airwaves posted on Modlife that they will continue to be a band. They are working on a new record, and it’s a new year of growth for everyone.

HMNIM: Monitor Station

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Mark blogged:

HMNIM: Tokidoki Loves blink-182

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Mark blogged:

one of our friends at tokidoki created this artwork. thanks very much!

MTV: How Did Blink-182 Become So Influential?

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James Montgomery poses this question in his new article on MTV.com:

Perhaps without even knowing it — and definitely without ever really trying — Blink-182 have somehow become one of the most influential bands of the past 20 years.

This might seem like a bit of a stretch. After all, aren’t these the same guys with the discography of di– jokes? The ones who gave their albums titles like Enema of the State or Take Off Your Pants and Jacket? Well, yes. But they’re also the same guys who featured Robert Smith on their self-titled (or untitled … it’s never really been clear) fifth album, the same guys who grew and matured into really excellent songwriters, and the same guys responsible for blurring lines with projects like Box Car Racer and Transplants.

Yet, despite their maturation, Blink never took themselves particularly seriously, which was another reason they were so accessible. They boiled down the knotty songs of the Descendents and Bad Religion into spirited-yet-nonthreatening pop punk, which means, without them, there’d be no Fall Out Boy, no Paramore, or no Fueled by Ramen Records. And they used their fame to shine the spotlight on (then) unknown acts like Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and New Found Glory.

When they went on “indefinite hiatus” in February 2005, fans mourned and a generation of bands they inspired surged to the forefront, only adding to the legacy of Blink. And when, during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, they announced that they were reuniting, those same fans — and those same bands — rejoiced.

Seems like everyone still loves Blink.

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UK & Europe Merch

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blink-182 has partnered with loudclothing.com. This will decrease shipping costs for fans in Europe, so buy your official merch here!

Video: Extra Interview blink-182

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According to Extra Travis left the hospital too soon, while not telling the doctor about the numbness he had in his fingers. That seems to be the reason why he had support on his left arm yesterday on the Grammy awards. They’ve also talked to Tom who said:

When you’re in a band, you have this unspoken bond. You’re kind of family with your boys. We took a break for a little bit. I think when Travis had the event happen to him it was something that pulled us back together… we always knew it was inevitable.

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