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We know you’re stoked about the Blink-182 reunion. We know that when you heard the news, you ran outside into the night in tighty-whiteys screaming the lyrics to “All The Small Things.” Think you’re the only one? Blink are one of the most influential bands when it comes to today’s musical scene, and now that everyone’s had a few days to calm down and put pants back on, we asked some notable Blink fans how stoked they are. –Tim Karan


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Tom has updated the Modlife blog with a new video blog. In the video, he states that:

  • The blink-182 reunion is not a reunion per say, but more of a continuation.
  • Angels & Airwaves are not going away, and they are finishing the final touches on the I-Empire film.
  • Angels & Airwaves will be playing a “private event for NASA”, as well as a few “Pay-Per-View events”.
  • blink-182 are working on “some really interesting, rad stuff” that could be “potentially affiliated with Angels & Airwaves”.
  • There will be a live Modcam to discuss all of this on Sunday night, and Tom is eager to answer any questions.
  • This Valentine’s Day, you should “make love to yourself if you can’t make love to anyone else”.

Once again, to watch the video, click here.


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Tom blogged:

Lots of cool shit happenn’ here… More bands launching soon…. And
some secret shit that will turn you white… Tell me your guess.

(Click here to see the image.)

Travis: my arm

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Travis blogged:

So this is a picture of what happens when your” ulner nerve” is compressed by your “guyons canal”. The procedure i just had released my ulner nerve in hopes that i can feel my left hand and fingers again.The doctors say this happened on “impact” or could be cause because of the heat of the burns. Dr. Kulber performed my surgery and was really kool, and thanks for the pictures Doc. See you all in about 8-10 weeks

The blog also contains pictures of the surgery which we will leave you to view at your own discretion due to the graphic nature of the images.  Click continue to see the pictures.

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HMNIM: One of the Best Albums of All Time

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Mark blogged:

This week, Paul’s Boutique is being released in 20th anniversary collector’s editions. Remastered, collector’s packaging, vinyl, t-shirts, all kinds of awesome. Check out their website with audio commentary, videos, games, photos, and everything else celebrating this amazing album. To go to their site, CLICK HERE.

To view the rest of Mark’s post, click here.


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Tom posted a picture of Mark in the LA studio.