HMNIM: Shooz With Tigers On Them

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Mark blogged:

Our friends at Tokidoki have come through once again. This time with shoes. Super comfortable, with enough pieces of flare to make Stan (the manager of Chotchkie’s) proud. I’m terrible at taking care of my sneakers, so I give this pair three days till they look like I wore them while hiking up the Grand Canyon. Thanks to Ultimate Todd and everyone at Tokidoki.

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

Tokidoki Shoes Mark Hoppus

Interview: Rolling Stone

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There’s a new blink-182 interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (Issue #1073).


“When Blink-182 broke up in 2005, they were sick of fame. “The giant vehicle of the band was determining everything,” says bassist Mark Hoppus. “It sounds cheesy, but we needed to take time to find ourselves.”

After drummer Travis Barker was injured in a plane crash in September, guitarist-singer Tom DeLonge – who had been estranged from his band-mates since abruptly quitting – reached out.
“I put the bullshit aside and wrote him a letter,” DeLonge says. “There was no big talk; after a couple of phone calls, things were back to normal.”

Now the trio are in the early stages of recording their self-produced sixth album. “We’re talking about using analog keyboards from the Sixties,” says DeLonge, who fronted emo-rock band Angels and Airwaves after leaving Blink. (Barker and Hoppus released one album as +44.) “People are going to be blown away.”

Promoters expect the trio’s tour will be a hit. (Their last trek, in 2004, grossed $6.9 million.) “On the Warped Tour Website, we ask fans who they want to see, and Blink pops up all the time,” says the fest’s founder, Kevin Lyman. For a new generation of emo fans and bands, Blink’s irreverent, upbeat take on punk rock with hits like “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things” was hugely influential. “They’re the godfathers of punk pop,” says the Academy Is… frontman William Beckett – who wasn’t old enough to drive during Blink’s late-1990s heyday. “When I heard they were reuniting, I was freaking out on my blog.”

Thanks to for bringing this to our attention!

Travis Named One Of The 10 Great Punk Drummers

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IGN Music posted an article about 10 Great Punk Drummers, which includes Travis Barker:

Travis Barker
Blink-182/+44/Boxcar Racer/The Aquabats

Although he’s become a reality show star and tabloid target in the last few years, that doesn’t mean Travis Barker still isn’t one of the greatest drummers the punk world has yet to birth. In the span of a 3-minute pop/punk song, he’ll rock as hard as a death metal drummer in one section while flipping it over to a jazz styled backbeat the next. His fluidity knows no boundaries. It’s no wonder he looks up to forward-thinking musicians like Stewart Copeland (The Police) for inspiration. If you really want to hear Barker let loose, seek out Blink-182’s The Mark, Tom and Travis Show. On the disc it’s almost like someone told the guy he had one night left to play before he died; it’s that relentless.

HMNIM: Three New Posts

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Mark has three new blog posts up:

Welcome to Heartbreak

The new Kanye West album has been on constant rotation on my iPod since the week it was released. I really think it’s an amazing record. Here’s the new video for Welcome to Heartbreak. Crazy, artistic and effected, the video is directed by Nabil Elderkin, who did a photo shoot with a certain spiky-haired mediocre bass player a couple of years ago.

KANYE WEST “Welcome To Heartbreak” Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Cool Converse


I saw these on highsnobiety and dug them, so….yeah. Turquoise. Get into it.

Coca-Cola and Justice

Yep, that pretty much says it all. Here’s the commercial.

Rumour: Hoppus + Sum 41

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According to a question asked on and apparently answered by Deryck Wimbley himself, Mark will be producing and appearing as a guest vocalist on their next album.

If its true, how will Mark fit this into his already busy schedule when recording and touring with blink?

edit: While the original answer said:

yes, i think?
answered by deryck on Feb 17, 2009 9:41am

It now reads:

i don’t know where this all came from but it’s just a rumor.
answered by deryck on Feb 18, 2009 12:36am

Tom: Modcam Updates

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Edit: Video/still removed by request due to Modlife copyright violation.

  • AVA movie pushed back. May be release with the new CD.
  • Next AVA record may sound like new Blink cd.
  • Blink not doing much touring. But he did say they will be touring in a big event this summer. which could be warped tour, but no further info was given.
  • Blink modlife a real possibility. Tom also said that both Mark and Travis like the idea about it. He also said that since he and the rest of everyone on AVA modlife are tied together, he might make the blink modlife free for ppl who suscribe to AVA.
  • AVA might not be touring, not in studio this year because Tom is in the studio with Blink.
  • Blink is NOT temporary. They will be releasing their album this year, as well as touring.
  • Blink and AVA modlifes might be 2 for the price of 1.
  • Tom ALMOST played part of a blink demo, but he decided not to because he knew that it would be bootleged all over and that he should talk to Mark and Travis about it first.
  • David, Matt, and Atom are apparently working on their own project down in the studio that tom said he will tell us later about.
  • Thanks to our forum member famous_burro and himynameisbrett for the updates.