Email regarding pre-orders

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People who managed to get an order in while the pre-order site was prematurely live received this email saying that the site will be back soon and any orders already placed will still be processed.

“We apologize for any confusion that may have been raised when we pulled the blink-182 Xmas packages down off our site. The site was activated prematurely before our planned set date but don’t worry, it will be live again shortly and your order is secure and will be processed.
Thanks for understanding and sorry for any confusion.

blink-182 customer service”

We will update you with anything we hear about when the pre-orders are going back up.

Pre-orders are up!

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Over at

3 packages

– Santas lap for $99.99 includes:
• Digital EP*
• Limited Edition blink-182 Print By Brandon Heart (signed by the band)
• Holiday Edition blink-182 T-shirt
• Holiday Wrapping Paper
• blink-182 Holiday Card*

Nice Package for $54.99 includes:
• Digital EP*
• Holiday Edition blink-182 Hooded Fleece
• Holiday Wrapping Paper
• blink-182 Holiday Card*

Naughty Package for $19.99 includes:
• Digital EP*
• Holiday Edition blink-182 T-shirt
• blink-182 Holiday Card*
*Various surprise additions will be made to the NAUGHTY Package at random! The digital EP will be delivered to your account on December 18th. Your physical items will ship the week of December 10th.

Octopus shirts to be available the day after thanksgiving

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Mark tweeted in reply to a question about when his octopus shirts will be available, stating that they will be on (which is vacant at the moment) the day after thanksgiving. (Friday 23rd November)

Check the tweet below and the designs which were posted a few weeks ago.


5-track EP ‘A Hundred Times better than Neighborhoods’ Says Travis

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Travis recently spoke to Rolling Stone and gave a lot more info on the dynamic of the band at the moment and the new EP set to be released on Christmas Day*

The full article is after the jump.
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Pre-Orders up within 2 days

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Tom just posted on the blink Facebook that pre-orders will be going up for the new blink-182 EP in the next 2 days at

Tom here- All New Blink EP and exclusive Merchandise Bundles ! Pre-orders launching within next 2 days!! ONLY available on”

Blink-182 announce new Ep

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Over the course of the past couple of days Mark, Tom and Travis have been in the studio in LA recording new tracks which they have now revealed will be part of an EP which will be released sometime before Christmas.

Check out the tweets from Mark and Tom below and a bunch of pictures which they have posted over the past few days.

Toms tweet about the EP

Marks tweet about the EP


Various photos from the studio after the jump and sign up to the forums and discuss your thoughts on the new record!
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