blink-182 Are 5 Tracks In To The New Record!

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According to a recent Travis Barker interview with NME, blink-182 are 5 tracks into the new album, one of which is currently titled ‘Punk Rock Cliche’. 
“We’re just getting started but I think we’ve got like four or five songs right now that I’m really, really happy with.
There’s a song called ‘Punk Rock Cliché’ which I love the most right now.
It’s about friends of ours and their relationships.”
“The goal here is to come up with an album and just write,” he added.
“We don’t put a limit on how many songs we’re gonna write.
[We just] Write a bunch of songs and when we feel like there’s an album ready,
there’s an album ready. You know, no pressure, no deadlines.”

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Mark Hoppus Returns Home

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Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.33.53

Mark Hoppus recently went back to his home city of Ridgecrest to support his father (pictured with Mark above) who is the president of the Historical Society of the Upper Mojave Desert Board of Directors. Mark is auctioning one of his basses in an effort to fundraise for them.

“I know how important the historical society is to my dad and how hard he worked on it. I wanted to help out if I could”

He then talks a lot about growing up in Ridgecrest, check the full piece here! it’s a fascinating read!

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Little blink-182 Recording Update In Latest HMNIM Podcast!

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In the most recent podcast from Hi My Name Is Mark (Episode 7), Mark Hoppus gives a brief update about the blink-182 recording situation. He states that they have been writing as well as demoing and that a handful of demo tracks are already done. He also states that it’s a lot of fun!

None of this is particularly new, but it is actual confirmation of them demoing together. All we’ve really seen so far is Instagram shots so to hear it from Mark himself is fantastic news!

He was also given a brand new, custom bass which looks very nice indeed!

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Mark and Matt at Fender HQ!

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Matt and Mark spent time at Fender Guitars headquarters to play some guitars as well as play their new BASSBREAKER amps! Maybe Skiba will end up with his own signature fender?

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Matt Skiba … Clothing?!

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Matt Skiba has announced that he will have a clothing line coming out soon. It seems that with Famous, Himynameismark, Macbeth, Atticus etc you kind of need to have a clothing line to be a member of blink-182!

How do you feel about Skiba having his own clothing line? what kind of designs do you think they’ll be having? why not discuss it on our forums!

Travis Barker “Can I Say” – Book Signings!

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Travis Barker’s book “Can I Say – Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums, Drums, Drums” Is being released on October 20th. Travis has just announced that he will be doing book signings!

OCTOBER 20th, 7pm
Barnes & Noble The Grove
189 Grove Drive K30
Los Angeles, CA 90036
OCTOBER 21st, 7pm
Barnes & Noble Mira Mesa
Mira Mesa MarketCenter
10775 Westview Parkway
San Diego, CA 92126
OCTOBER 24th, 3pm
The Booksmith
1644 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

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