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Really surprised at all the love for Hey, I'm Sorry. The first time I heard it, I couldn't even sit through the entire song. The second time, I forced myself to sit through it and by the end I thought to myself: "fuck, I will never get those 4 minutes of my life back". It's so boring, generic, and forgettable.

Re: Deluxe Edition discussion

Think my biggest problem with Blink right now is that it sounds so formulaic to me. With that I mean it sounds like they writing every song now strictly according to the same standard poppunk formula. Every song is basically started out with the same idea in terms of song structure, general sound, lyrics, riffs, melodies etc. That's what makes it sound so predictable, boring and repetitive. There's no surprises anywhere. Like they writing a song to what they think is expected of them by others, not what they actually wanna write.
"I always considered my job in Blink to try to architect new arrangements and sounds to push the band forward. I took on that role, and it was by no means only me -- everyone contributed to the great music that we did -- but I made that my passion, I made that my focus." -Tom DeLonge (Billboard, May 2017)

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