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The Abbreviators - Insurgent Pepper

Alright, I figured I would release this damn thing already (again for the hundredth time...). This one is the finished result. No one here has to pay for anything, if you want a copy to throw on your ipod or whatever, let me know, I'll send it to you. I will have artwork for it finished in a few weeks, things go slow when you are doing everything by yourself. I hope you guys find something to enjoy! You can listen to the album as a whole or go through songs individually. I suck at singing so if anyone needs lyrics, I'll be happy to add them. Also, I uploaded the version that flows like we would play it live(Edit: Soundcloud breaks everything up and adds weird pauses anyway so it doesn't matter... jerks) it works better as a whole album but not as well individually. I have two versions of the album, one is a constant flow and the other one is a traditional album, I can give out either one at preference.
Here's the link:
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