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blinkfan4evr54 wrote:Quick thought I had while discussing with someone on reddit. I have a theory that one of the big reasons California isn't really vibing with a lot of us on here is because it is a blink album that, for the first time, doesn't really match up to where a lot of us probably are in life. I don't know about the rest of you, but discovering enema when I was like 12 allowed me to get obsessed due to the accessibility, catchiness, poppiness and bratiness of the songs. TOYPAJ was an extension of that that took me through about 13-15. Then I go backwards during those years and discover Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat, exposing me to a rawer punk sound that matches my music discovery as my tastes expand a bit. Then, Untitled comes out right in the prime of my angsty teenage years and lines up perfectly. The break up happens. Then Neighborhoods come out right as I am leaving student life and entering adulthood, and although disjointed, it is Mark Tom and Travis together with a grown up, less in your face, more mature song. DED was an extension of that. I would listen to those two post-reunion records and I could connect those songs to a time in my life, and it would match. It fit.

California was the first time that didn't happen with blink. I am almost 30 now. The All Time Low pop-punk scene just doesn't really speak to me anymore, and blink+Feldmann pretty much tried to bottle that up and jam it down our throats. I think the music is fine, the songs are fun and get stuck in your head, I enjoy listening to it, but there is exactly 0 connection with the record for me.

Anyone else feeling like this?

100% yes.

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Like a month ago I had this dream in where Tom was being interviewed about California, he was super chill and understanding, like "Yeah when we parted ways they took on a direction of their own, sort of a stripped down approach than what we were trying when I was around" His attitude felt like he was happy that his two buddies were still in this band while he was out searching for extraterrestrial life. He also grabbed his guitar (the original brown and cream one, not the bandalized bullshits... it was my dream after all) and started improvising harmonies and lyrics over what he felt was his favorite song off the record, "Left Alone".

If he was actually this chill and accepting in real life that'd be great. I also was going to post about this in here earlier, but couldn't be arsed.

(Anyways, what's going on here? How you been doin? Is California still the very worst even worst than neighbourhoods? does the dlx edition tracks not compensate for the huge letdown?
nevermind. don't answer that.)
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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Saw blink tonight and it was outstanding. They were full of so much energy. Skiba was all over the stage. They were seriously in the zone. If you get the opportunity to see them, don't skip it!

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