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Re: blink-182 Song Election - California

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Hey, I'm Sorry really got a lot of love
WHy wasn't it on the album?

I love it. I wish it WAS on the album. I also wish it officially was on there because Spotify is my platform of choice because iTunes is buggy as all get out and crashes on me all of the time. Even for music I actually own I still use Spotify...

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Re: blink-182 Song Election - California

When first listening to the album, Left Alone really saved the little "low" I was experiencing. From Cynical to Kings of the Weekend, I was on a fucking all-time high. Kings of the Weekend is good, but it's not like the other songs. So when Teenage Satellites came on, I was like, oh no, is this going to be one of those albums where the first half is fucking great and then the second just feels like extra songs just shoved into there? Left Alone saved that. The chorus is just a fucking slap in your face. Love it. Luckily, everything from Left Alone is gold, so it's just that one (or two?)

I think Hey, I'm Sorry should've been on that album. It's so much more powerful than Teenage Satellites. I would've been fine if they dropped Kings of the Weekend and Teenage Satellites to keep Hey, I'm Sorry on California. Such a great GREAT song. It feels a lot like the good side of plus 44. Kinda like Chapter XIII, not the annoying Lycanthrope-type singing Mark.

Oh. I'm not voting. Fuck all of you. I'm not taking part in this filth. FILTH, I SAY!!!
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Re: blink-182 Song Election - California

Hey, I'm Sorry

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Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

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