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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Elevator wrote:Sounds like Patrick Stump. BLEH.

Sing California songs so I don't have to feel weird about this.

Only time Its weird is when I think about it. And even then, that stings a lot less. Im use to it. Im enjoying it. Matts doing really well. He has improved on each and every performance hes done. Mark on the other hand is teetering between ok and meh... interesting the tables have turned and Marks now the worst live singer in the band. Asm much as I'd love to hear new songs, hearing the old songs sung live well is as enjoyable if not more enjoyable for me.

Can't wait to hear Rabbit hole. Its like the most appropriate named blink song ever.. (Cause of the mascot)

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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

What a great evening. The intimate location, having a great view being up in the circle was fitting for an acoustic set. Mark can't tune his own bass :P But he sounded better on BtD than during X-Games. Liked the small nuances Matt brings to the songs. Saw a guy with a double DSLR set up, so I guess there will be a HD version of the full set soon.

Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Having his sister do his dirty work so it looks like he's minding his own business. :lol:

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Elevator wrote:But hey, pardon me for trying to be objective here. Maybe I should just say "Fuck Tom, he's dead to me, burn his ashes and piss on his grave for ever existing."

Elevator wrote:Haha yeah, fuck Tom! What a pompous shithead.

Elevator wrote:fuck Tom.

Elevator wrote:Yeah, I hope Tom dies and stuff for breaking up that band I like.

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