Have we got any tablet users on the forum? I was never 100% into the whole idea of tablets, but I'm starting to get what all the fuss is about. I can see myself using a tablet around the house and hanging out with friends when I'm just chilling, browsing the internet, on facebook/twitter/182online/YouTube, etc. It can be something I can use to hand to someone and say "hey watch this video/read this/etc." and it'd be more convenient than showing a small phone screen or a heavy, bulky laptop.

That said, I still don't see it as a laptop replacement like some people have. I still gotta have a hard drive for storage, and there's no way I'll do word processing or homework on a tablet.

Now, even with THAT said, the Microsoft surface pro seems like the perfect answer. Full functionality as a tablet and laptop with Windows 8. Definitely has enough memory for any school work, so I can see myself taking my surface to campus for both school and entertainment, and keep my laptop at home when I won't need it. It'll definitely take some weight/space off my backpack. Then again, its pretty damn pricey, without even including the keyboard.

Now, allow me to get back to the point, have we got any tablet users on the forum? What about iPads? What do you guys use? Anything you suggest? Discuss!

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I use my Kindle Fire HD for quite a bit of surfing and commenting on the handful of forums/boards I belong to. It's fantastic but there's no flash for it, so that sucks but everything else works fine.

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I have a nexus 7 and it's awesome. I use it more than my laptop at times. Using it right now as a matter of fact. Great for books and you get pure android functionality unlike the kindle. If you're looking for something more powerful I guess the surface could be for you but the nexus is half the price

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I'm going through a first world problem. I have the money for an iPad but can't buy one because I'm waiting for them to announce the new model. Then they recently upgraded the storage to 128gb.

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They had them on The Gadget Show (may have been on a similar show,thinking about it) a while ago, they highly recommended them.

edit; not specifically that one, can't remember what one they reviewed.

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c_ortiz93 wrote:Ok, I might look towards getting a tablet within the next month. Question is, iPad mini or Nexus 7....

ever since seeing everyone use their tablets over in Europe I've been debating getting one. Two of my friends have Nexus 7's and LOVE them. Everyone on the trip had iPads and loved them. Sort of torn, I'm leaning towards iPad solely because I'm more familiar with Apple and I'm retarded with technology so it'd probably be easier.

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