F1 2013

New season starting in 3 1/2 weeks!

What do you guys think, who's going to be the one this year?
I'm hoping that Lotus built Kimi a proper car so he can battle properly with Vettel and Alonso. And I also hope Mercedes didn't fuck up completely again

Re: F1 2013

I would but I live 8 hours away so travel and accomodation comes into it, I'd need at least a couple months to plan and save for it :disappoint:

Anyway I'm hoping to see Mercedes do a little better this year as well as Webber of course. Also Kimi, I just love that guy for some reason.

I'm sure my Vettel hate will continue to grow :lol:

Re: F1 2013

McLaren are still my number one team but I always want the British drivers to do well, so il be hoping for good performances for Hamilton and Di resta.

I think everyone is fond of Kimi, I just love his attitudes to everything, he's the complete opposite to every F1 driver ever.

I hope vettel crashes and breaks a leg -.-

Re: F1 2013

Lee wrote:^ how can you say that? Chilton dominated F2.

What? He became overall 4th last year and overall 20th the year before that. He's a pay driver, he's not in F1 because of his skills. Luiz Razia got kicked out of the team weeks before the first tests because he didn't bring the promised money. It's not about skill in these teams, it's about who has got the most sponsors. Or the richest dad

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