Anticipated album(s) of 2013

I'm surprised no one has started this thread yet. Anyway, I like this yearly thread because it gives me a chance to keep an online check list of the albums that I am currently waiting on. I also find it interesting to see what other albums/artists people are stoked about.

I'll either edit or post a response to this topic with my 2013 list...

I am curious as to what albums everyone is waiting to be released in 2013.
Thanks Kay.

Re: Anticipated album(s) of 2013

Most of these are from my 2012 list

Some of these did not make the 2013 release date, and were put on my 2014 list.

What does each color mean?
Color: This means that I like the album, so I kept it
Color: Unsure how I feel about it. It might end up in this Color or this Color.
Color: Something is wrong with the album, so I didn't bother getting the album or I deleted it.
Color: Means that the band didn't release an album, and hopefully they will in a later date (Which will be carried over to my 2013 list)
Color: The album may or may not be delayed/cancelled... Or I lost interest in new material

1) American Hi-Fi - January 22, 2013 (Delayed... Hoping it will come out this year)
2) Authority Zero - April 2, 2013
3) Autopilot Off - TBA
4) blink-182 - TBA (Sadly I am not surprised about this being delayed =/)
5) Bloodhound Gang - TBA (I don't know about this one... >_>)
6) Bowling For Soup - September 6th, 2013 (Great release)
7) Broadway Calls - February 5th, 2013 (Excellent album)
8) Fenix Tx - TBA (Hoping that their facebook post was right, and 2014 will see a new album)
9) Gob - TBA (Hopefully it gets released this year >_>)
10) Goldfinger - TBA (If all goes well)
11) Less Than Jake (Great album)
12) Mest (I honestly thought it was going to be bad based off of some of the songs already released, but it was pretty much an okay release)
13) Mixtapes - 06/25/2013
14) Mustard Plug - TBA

15) Oleander (I'll have to see where my tastes in music are going...)
16) Puddle of Mudd - TBA (Again, see Oleander)
17) Pulley - TBA (I hope they release something like they said they would)
18) Slick Shoes - TBA (An ep is better than nothing =))
19) Spunge - TBA
20) Stroke 9 - TBA
(Not sure if their album will release this year, but it should be good =))
21) Strung Out - TBA
22) Sum 41 - TBA
(I don't know if they'll even release a new album with Steve gone, but I'll put them on my list)
23) The Ataris - TBA (Some of the songs I heard weren't that good. I'm hoping the album will be better than I think it will be.)
24) The Black Pacific - TBA (I might have to drop ths from my list(s) eventually)
25) The Loved Ones - TBA (Last time that I put these guys on my list)
26) Zebrahead - August 7, 2013 (Good album)

2013 Total (So far)
01/26 (This mark might stay or go at the end of the year)
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Thanks Kay.

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