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Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

Just got back from the blink 182 concert
I almost passed out, i had to go to first aid

Turns out jumping/moshing while singing and having astma is a bad idea aha good thing i only missed atst and gotdf so it didnt really matter.

Too bad they didnt play any acoustic songs.
The crowd was aaaaaaaawesooooome, i had a blast

Out of sight, out of mind, I remove myself Out of mind, my whole mind state is out of line

Re: The blink-182 general discussion topic

While listening to Feeling This just now, a high school memory came flooding back. My senior year, I posted the chorus to Feeling This on my Myspace page. The next day, my gf at the time came up to me and angrily asked what, "I'll leave when I wanna" meant. I told her it was just some blink lyrics and it didn't apply to our relationship. Even after my explanation, she was irritated with me for a day or two. Thankfully, that relationship ended about a week later.

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