Re: What do u guys think about the new sum 41 album

Is anything that is played on the high strings that is catchy and played in a punkish rhythm a dumpweed ripoff?. To be honest I really don't like when people do that. This sounds like this and that sounds like that. It's really annoying to me personally. Music will sometimes have connections. It happens.


Underclass Hero wasn't that good. There are some good songs. I really liked "King of Contradiction" "Underclass Hero" was really good I actually liked it a lot better than "Subject to Change". "March of the Dogs", "Pull the Curtain", "So Long Goodbye". I thought all those songs were good. The rest were kinda either bad or meh.

But Chuck was amazing and them saying that the new album is like Chuck is getting me pumped!

Re: What do u guys think about the new sum 41 album

frisky wrote:
yodda wrote:
Tyler1942 wrote:fuck no yodda

they should do something like half hour of power
but the songs off Underlass were so cool, I really love that album.

Obviously, you'd like that album. Two of your all-time favorite bands are blink and Green Day and Underclass Hero is Sum 41 trying to sound like them. Makes perfect sense.
They just use some of the techniques of those 2 bands. But there's differences, the only songs that are dead ringers would be.
Dear Father = Story of a Lonely Guy
So Long Goodbye = Good Riddance

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