Guitar Pick Ups??

Hey all, just wanted some peoples opinions on pick ups. At the moment im switching between an Es-335 with alcino humbuckers and Tom Signature ES-333 with dirty fingers humbucker. Now as much as i love them they arent versatile enough for my band. I think i'll purchase a crappy squier strat so i can change and upgrade it. But i need an idea on pickups?

Basically what im looking for is something that can pack a punch when needed but also has a nice clean sound too. Im going to use 3 pick ups and i think ive narrowed it down to a Seymour Duncan Invader at the bridge, a seymour duncan SSL4 - Quarter Pound at the neck. However i want another humbucker in the middle....but i only have a single coil slot ... now i could go cut it to fit a humbucker but its alot of effort so im looking at rail humbuckers that fit into single coil slots. Do any of you have suggestions on what i should try out or any suggestions on anything ive mentioned. Basically any help is appreciated just need some ideas on good pick ups. Thanks

Re: Guitar Pick Ups??

I'm not an expert on guitars but you might want to think about getting a second guitar for the 3rd sound. I think 3 completely different sounds for 3 pickups on 1 guitar might be a bit too much to handle for it.

Again, I don't know a lot about guitars, just my point of view.

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