Re: Has anyone ever met Mark?

What sucks is that I ALMOST got to at Wrex the Halls... I waited 6 hours in line just to be able to stand in front of Mark's mic but Pennywise was up first. They riled up the mosh pit so badly that my sister was being crushed and fainting. (She's a smaller person. Real skinny and whatnot) So I had to help her get out of the pit, therefore getting pulled out as well. I'm glad I helped her, but mad because I waited WAY longer than any of those people and still didn't get to talk to Mark.. He was chatting with people up front too.

Re: Has anyone ever met Mark?

Is it valid if I met him in a dream? lol
He came to my house with a subway (London - Milan), omg ahahah! I was stuck, the only things I remember are that I showed him my bunny tattoo and he only said a disappointing "well done". He then hugged me and finally my mum came in and while watching him she continously repeated "alto" which means tall in italian... but I translated him this: "My mum says you are huge". lol

Re: Has anyone ever met Mark?

I dunno why, but I thought about the time I met Mark. Pretty crazy story actually. So, when blink announced their Untitled Anniversary Tours back in October 2013, I freaked out and was thinking how this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My favorite band, playing my favorite record of all-time. That record made me who I am today. So, with some financial help from my parents (I was in grad school so money wasn't heavily available), I was able to book a flight and this show for around $300. It was perfect. The only thing was that I would be missing a day of class. It turned out to be a day trip. From DC to LA, I was planning a day trip.

I left Monday morning around 7am and got into LA at noon. Waited for about 5 hours, became friends with some people waiting behind the venue and a couple security guards. At about 6, they were on their walkie talkies about how Mark was arriving in a black Prius. Sure enough, a black prius rolls up and stops at the check-in. The window was down and there was Mark in the front seat. I looked in through the window and was like, "Mark! Would you be willing to come out and say hi to fans? There are only 5 of us here waiting!!" And he was like "Ok!" So he got out of the car and I was telling him how much it meant to me and he signed my Untitled record and was just really nice about it.

It was just crazy to me because I planned this day trip and went a full day without sleep (flight left that night after the concert) and witnessed this awesome anniversary show and was able to talk Mark into meeting me. So crazy in my mind.

Re: Has anyone ever met Mark?

I've met Mark a few times actually. Mostly through going to tapings of Hoppus On Music. In groups he's very talkative guy. However I've noticed in one on scenarios unless your talking much he wont either.... I had many opportunities to ask him questions. As he stood beside the crowd in between takes, but I never asked much. and he never said much. He's very quite when he's not on stage.

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