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where did you guys download yours from? i tried pirate bay and nothin

edit: i found a download on some website haha no misfits song though. listening to it seperatly right now. dope track i love the part where it slows down reminds me kinda of daft punk at that point, right around the 2min mark

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Bergy wrote:I just dowloaded the deluxe version ( i know im a bad boy). Listened to some parts of pretty much all songs, sounds realllllllllyy good to me to be honest ! I consider buying the retail album in a near future !

I listen to it in it's entirely tomorrow, no time tonight ;)

I did that too but i did orded it from UK first before i did download it :)
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Re: Give The Drummer Some

Just ordered the deluxe version of the album. I was going to get the normal version just to support travis but the track i was most looking forward to was the Corey Taylor one, so I just bought the deluxe one...dont mind lining Travis' pockets :)

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Re: Give The Drummer Some

Tyler wrote:Lol snoop dogg is so weird. The backgrounds of his verses always just have him going 'ah' and 'yeah' and wha'?' over and over.

Dude knockin is one of the best songs. Listen to it with speakers and subs or a reallly good pair of head phones. The bass is so crazy in that song.

I have Sony Xtra Bass head phones and subs in my car, it's crazy listening with either haha. It goes from the left to the right so fast I love it. It's such an awesome driving song.

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