Re: blink-182's 20th Anniversary Shows (discussion topic)

Dookie wrote:
MISCO311 wrote:
Dookie wrote:
MISCO311 wrote:got tickets for the bethlehem date. bamboozle saturday then bethlehem sunday. so excited!

How much were bethlehem tix? I reallllly don't want to spend more than 50 bux on travel ughh

74 after fees.

Shiii. Looks like I'm depending on a Fall US embarking. Could happen right?

in my opinion, $74 to see blink in a 3,500 cap GA venue is well worth it. you could pay $70+ (im guessing) for pit at one of their amphitheater shows, but the stage is like 6 feet high and it feels like they cant even see you. i think $74 is pricey, but blink will never do this tour again, so im indulging.

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