Re: 08.29.10 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival

Marco wrote:someone on blinkdisasters ripped the whole thing from BBC highlights and it's awesome, PM me for link (or mods/admins, tell me if it's ok to post it)

with the whole thing you mean:
I Miss You
Stay Together For The Kids
Stockholm Syndrome
Not Now
All The Small Things

or the whole concert

if its the first, thanks but allready have :)

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Re: 08.29.10 - Reading, UK - Reading Festival

i'm uploading i miss you and stftk atm. there is a bit of talking at the beginning of i miss you, first time i 'edited' film material (+ i used crappy freeware to convert the file that kinda lowered the picture quality and put its logo in the top left corner).

hope you can enjoy it anyway, i'll post links when it's done =)

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