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MilfredCubicle wrote:
frisky wrote:Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack

Okay, I'll agree with you on that.. Damn you Frisky...

Yeah Justin does kick ass. or at least his older lyrics did... not quite as many gems on Go but still some good stuff. Timelines is beautiful lyrically, for example.

I don't think Mark is particularly good lyrically but I do think he's better them Tom. his blunders are less obvious. I am one of the like 10% of people here though who adores Fighting The Gravity lol

I do agree about the shadow of a helicopter line. it makes no sense and doesn't fit with the meter of the song and ruins a perfectly good chorus. but the rest of that song has actually amazing lyrics haha

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Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

KayTheMagnificent wrote:
MilfredCubicle wrote:
KayTheMagnificent wrote:It's easily one of my fave albums of all time, but the lyrics stick out worse because of the serious nature of the record, thats what I meant. yeah, lyrics were bad in early blink... but they werent 'serious' songs, so it didn't matter as much.

Care to elaborate? I've never cringed at BCR lyrics

Eeeerrrgggh fine

I'm not saying they're his worst lyrics at all, because there's a truck load of awful ones he's written since the creation of AVA. so BCR lyrics are.. generally.. acceptable, but some of them bug the shit out of me for various reasons.

Let's be a total pedantic fuck about it and go song by song -

I Feel So

In most cases I dislike super simplistic lyrics but they're clearly here on purpose. the song jumps from childish idealism to aggressive teenage angst shit, it's clearly meant to be about growing up and having the illusions of childhood shattered. or at least that's how I always saw it.

I wish I was you not I

To start with, in the words of Mark Hoppus, 'It's a subjunctive, people!'. it should be 'were', not 'was'. it's a little thing, but Tom frequently screws up english language wise in his lyrics and its annoying. it also technically should be 'I wish I were you, not me' but that's extra levels of pickiness that are over the top, even for me.

Watch The World

It's a sweet song but essentially everything after the first verse bothers me. I have and still cannot understand the whole 'box' that gets rid of heart ache and cures cancer. when I was younger I thought it was some vague metaphor about engagement ring boxes and medical machines or something to that effect but now it just kinda comes across like magic gibberish. the whole verse is clearly some sort of day dream or something but if you actually think about them they're daft as fuck. plus the choruses bother me because they're a bit pointlessly 'sweet'.
It's actually one of my favourite BCR songs, too. I loved it growing up but now I just ignore the lyrics completely.

Cat Like Thief

The whole damn song has stupid ass lyrics, but I don't know if Tom wrote the ones Tim Armstrong sings. as for his little choruses, they're... odd, but I like them for the most part, except the 'That she was, I feel her more than you'. it's an 'incredibly' awkward line. She being the 'best thing yet to help you through and through' thing, means the sentence is just backwards for making the rhyme and lyric work. it's awkward and annoying to me, always has been.

Letters To God

To criticise this song actually hurts but it's one of the ones I have lyric issues with so there we are.

It's two lines, specifically.

1. the air is as dark and cold as night This sounds like something an 8 year old would write when trying to write a scary story or something. it's the most mundane, simplistic thing and it's cheesy as all balls. almost as bad as 'the ice is really cold'.
2. at least a fucking 1,000 times before The swearing is unneccessary and ruins the feel of the song. I've never been someone to have an issue with swearing in music and I've always felt, most of the time, that it works to convey emotion but in this song it just sticks out and almost mocks the sincerity of the song itself. it really irks me.


Again, another favourite. *sigh*.
I'm sorry please forgive me
Believe me if you would

This is one of my biggest Tom Delonge pet peeves. His complete lack of respect for the english language.
would is a verb, essentially meaning the past tense of 'will'.
saying 'forgive me, believe me' is in the present tense. it would need to be 'believe me if you will', and later on 'believe me if you can' for the 'could' line.
it's such a simple thing but Tom does things like that constantly and it makes me want to punch his childhood teachers.

The End With You

I can feel the world collapse around me from within.
And the letters keep coming by to let us know when time will die.

The first line bugs me mostly for the pause between 'around me' and 'from within'. it's like the 'from within' line has more importance, making the nod to some emoish 'my life is over waah' type of feeling which... is just super lame, if you ask me.
as for the second line 'to let us know when time will die' ... seriously I can't be the only person here who thinks that lyric is bad? it's so... juvenile.

The ones I've left out aren't necessarily good, they're just not bad.

I adore this album so I hate ripping it apart but Tom has always been just a poor lyricist. I'm always completely shocked when people comment how 'great' his lyrics are. it genuinely makes me question if they listen to any other music ever. I cannot think of a musician I enjoy who's lyrics are worse than Tom's.
Mark's aren't great, either. they're quite meh, but in comparison to Tom's he's freakin' shakespeare.

To this day my favourite Tom lyric is from Chesire Cat, of all things.

"Depression's just a sarcastic state of mind" .

I also want to note that I don't pretend to be someone who's really good with the english language, I'm dyslexic haha but the errors he makes are really obvious to me so I'm always surprised that it doesn't bother anyone else, or more importantly, why he doesn't bloody notice them in the first place.

Sorry for the long post, I love this album I swear haha

I'm sorry Kay but I'm having a hard time agreeing with you here, most of your gripes with his lyrics are grammatical gripes, when it comes to music I'm much more forgiving when it comes to grammar, it's about expressing yourself not trying to be grammatically perfect (of course there are limits). And this is coming from the biggest grammar nazi out there, just ask my friends they're always getting pissed off when I correct their grammar :right: :lol:

All that being said we're two different people with two different views on grammar in music haha

I guess this is growing up...

Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

KayTheMagnificent wrote:Technically, only two of my complaints are grammatical, and usually I agree, but Tom does it frequently and consistently and it bugs the crap out of me as a result haha.

Still, I love the album, love the songs. but I opened the can of worms so I meticulously defended it haha

No I totally get what you're saying. Haha at the very least I think we can all agree it's a great album (Y)

I guess this is growing up...

Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

I'm pretty sure that in the end, throughout all of Tom's career (including blink) that Box Car Racer will be the best album he'll ever make.

It utterly defines an era of my life where I was young, partying, developing, and full of angsty romance. If I concentrate hard enough, I go back when I listen to the songs. It was when I didn't have any illusions of Tom trying to be more than he was, or of Mark being insanely jealous or hurt by the album, or of David Kennedy being some lackey butler to Tom. Things just felt right for this booming album to blow out the speakers of my car and roar out of my heart at every opportunity.


Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

It dropped when I was 13 and very, very angry and insular. that album is essentially responsible for a lot of my current music taste, and whenever I'm anywhere near an electric guitar it's the kind of sound I go for when just fucking about.
It's probably a good thing I'm the bassist in my band or else the Tom influences would be hecka obvious.

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