Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

leeroy wrote:I love BCR but never want to see them reform.

agree. it wouldn't be the same at all, and i honestly feel like it'll be awkward as hell.

WelshCake wrote:Also, I've stickied it. +44 is just as dead as BCR, so I think it's fair to have both.

we all know BCR is dead, but i really feel like +44 isn't for some reason.

anyway, i love BCR. but i don't listen to them as much as i did before because they remind me of certain times.. >_>

Re: Box Car Racer General Discussion Thread

I always thought it would be cool if box car racer "got back together" minus that live bassist and recorded "Dance With Me" as sort of a nice farewell. Mark could play bass and even sing on it. I'm sure that old wound is already very healed and I doubt they'd even consider it but I think it'd be nice thing to show the fans like "hey we're really over it all that bullshit was ridiculous."

Oh well just my dreams. Love this band to death, my favorite song is "And I" I really wish it was a blink song because it really sounds like that one and I'd lose my freaking mind if I heard it live.

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