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Belgium : Just.. awesome ! (Sorry for mybad english)

It was my first live (every) and without the VIP Pass, the premium pass for the soundcheck, i saw Tom in the street 5h before the concert, the bus tour was .. IN THE FRONT OF THE CONCERT HALL !! Nobody has recognized Tom, me and 2 friend ask him (A little further) to take some pics with us, he says "just wait 5 min", he went to a Smoothie shop, and 10 min after that, He left the store and take some pictures with us, signed autographs, and talk with us, He promised to give me a plectrum during the show, and you know what ? He has not forgotten me! During Secret Crowds (my favorite) he saw me, put a pick in his mouth , lick it (Tom LOL) and gave me hand in hand! I was so, so HAPPY !! It's just the best day of my life :D

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Bought this tee at the stand and a grey hoody outside.
Also got two KAB wristbands since we all♥boobies.

gompy182 wrote:next time, ill bring my camcorder with me and ill film the whole concert

Read the description on my video/the spoiler. I planned to do it for you :')

Setlist/Review/Info/Wall of Text from me.
Spoiler: show
Toms voice wasn't great as per but it was a fun show, a lot of energy though he was clearly exhausted about half way through. Managed to sneak my camcorder in to get some good videos and was on the barrier before Neon Trees started which, stupid me, meant the security was right next to me. Convinced them to let me keep it on me but had to be in my pocket which meant they were watching me like a freakin' hawk - wasn't allowed to record on my phone either so I recorded audio instead. Haven't got the full set, it's not great quality but it's enough to remind me of the order and despite the typical static and feedback you get from being next to a speaker you can clearly hear how well (so to speak) Tom was singing. I'll upload them if anyone wants, it's understandable and listenable but not exactly ipod worthy. Lots of crowd screaming and bad singing, both from us/the audience and Tom. When I type the set I'll add how much I've got. Oh, and my god does Atom need a haircut.

They had some cool little fills a little robot lady voice chatting on in between and what not. Et Ducit Mundum opened leading straight into It Hurts (end of 1st mp3, 7.19min). Young London (only 1min recorded) then Hallucinations (only 2mins) and Everything's Magic (<1min) then there was this sick little into for Lifeline, really kool, but the audio for the song is ruined by me and the guy next to me proper going for it, not to mention my dreadfully sore throat [: (5.46min). Then my big one, 17.51min with Shove (♥), a typical Tom rant 6mins in including "Our country was started by England" and "Fuck Germany, We're In England" before he starts singing Love Like Rockets about 10mins in, adds a bit of Start The Machine then into The Adventure full force. The Flight of Apollo is a full 6.11min mp3 then the next mp3 has an outro followed by robot chick "experiencing technical difficulties, please stand-by" as they set up for Epic Holiday (<3min track, <1min of song). Next track is robot chick again for the encore, talking about Love, Breathe (4.16min) then I have a track of yodelling, us vs. Tom ;] which turned back into The War but just died out.

Now, somewhere in between all that I had three videos, The Moon-Atomic with Atom&DK drumming, bad video, hardly pointed at them, I'll up if you want, 3.45min. I have Secret Crowds (above) which is again bad, all three are, it's on my phone remember? But you can see them for a lot of it except when the security kept coming to check me out from behind - at these points I had to point it up a bit, kinda just see speakers.. Then theres a video of The War 5mins, they closed with this pre-encore (after Epic Holiday).

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London was awesome last night! one of the best AvA gigs i have been too!
I have a few video's uploading. sometimes not the best view cos of being in the crowd with all the pusing but the audio is good, i couldnt really here Tom there but on the videos i can lol.

More to come.

Thanks Kay!

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gompy182 wrote:
drummerant wrote:
gompy182 wrote:there is ftw

I wish i requested that at birmingham, but i was too wasted

haha boss

i dontt drink at concert
i dont need too, please dont tell me that you're one of those drunken fools who starts pushing people :lol:

HAHA definately not! I hate mosh pits!(N) I never get to drink normally because I am the driver :( But this time we were in a travelodge so I was away! I'm just the same as I normally am but probably sing louder and dont care what I sound like haha. :D

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