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frisky wrote:
Chuck-182 wrote:
frisky wrote:Just read that Adam Young (you know the dude that is Owl City) he says that Call to Arms is his 2nd all-time favorite song.

Where'd you read that at?


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Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

Sarah wrote:
Tomorrow3mma wrote:Grrr.... So, which premium member wants to "leak" the album??? Any kind souls here???

I have a three hour drive to Pueblo on Friday and it would AWESOME to have some new music to keep me entertained...

i thought you didn't believe in leaked albums? ;)

Okay... that comment was specifically directed at mmcleod. I trust that guy to give me the real deal. He knows his stuff.
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Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

5150 wrote:So how long do you guys think it will be before the physical copy is released for retail in stores? I don't want to donate on the site because I will be paying for the album anyways, but if it is a long time before the physical copy is released, I might change my mind.

It will be many months before the physical copy comes out.
Thanks Kay.

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