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MH8.2.2011 wrote:Overall I'm surprised. It's not his best work. But it's far from his worst. Don't see how this could add anything to the book to make it an. "Transmedia experience" .... But on its own I rather enjoy it...

people who have finished the book have said that lyrically some things are carried over into the songs (the locust is a UFO, chasing shadows is a love song between two of the characters, etc) but that they are able to stand on their own, with of nightmares failed at really.

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

KayTheMagnificent wrote:after listening to it a lot properly today, I'm now in the 'Meh, it's alright' camp.

Yeah...I really don't think it's that great. It and Of Nightmares are really just more filler that goes nowhere. It's nowhere near as cohesive as Dream Walker and really emphasizes that Tom doesn't have anything at all he wants to say with his music anymore. His lyrics are just abominable.

Pretentious, self-important, meaningless drivel. That being said, I'll listen to it a fair amount because:

1. I didn't pay for it, so fuck you, Tom Money Machine
2. I'm a fan of Tom's music, even if the lyrics are trite space noise.


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PantaRhei wrote:These songs actually contain complete, straightforward sentences (not all) that I, as a non-native speaker, can make sense of and understand. Try to imagine what 'The moon you've felt, it has no side, that's dark like hell, or safe from light. Just blown apart, by wind from stars. With white dust tides, to pull on ours', means to someone who's not a native.

yikes never considered that haha

these still aren't good lyrics but they aren't as bat crap terrible as before I guess

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Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

plopbellie wrote:
yodda wrote:I was so fond of my wicker basket when I was 18.

Someone else said its about little red riding hood. The red cape, the basket (picnic), the wolf, white snow to let the red out. Symbolism (although it still doesn't make much sense) but at least it's not random words thrown together for the sake of rhyming.

Well if that is the case, its just a random soliloquy about little red riding hood in a song that can't possibly have anything to do with little red riding hood. I'm not sure that makes it any better.

I don't know. I kind of like Overload after my first few listens. The rest seems pretty forgettable. 3 years from now I don't imagine I'll be going back to these songs, but that's just me.

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Final verdict after about a week of non-stop listening:

1. Voyager (the funky ass verses put this on top for me. Chorus could be better but verses are brilliant. Catchiest song on there. Slight edge over overload).
2. Overload (love the chorus)
3. Chasing shadows (arguably the best chorus since dream walker. Creative and Tom pushing himself vocally. Verses are ok).
4. Artillery (really cool verses but choruses are a little slow. Lacks a little punch and catchiness).

Overall a really, really great EP. If this is ava's new sound than im all for it!

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