Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Im not gonna stop you posting a youtube link haha

I'm on Voyager... it's definitely better than I expected, and better than Of Nightmares. I'm going to give it time, but yeah it potentially is more fun to listen to than Dream Walker, I wouldn't necessarily say better though.

I think Ilan mostly did drums on this release, seems more Tom than anything else. although the bass on voyager sounds very ilanesque, I can't imagine Tom writing that bass line.

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Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Its definitely 'heavier' and more guitar driven.
I like some of his melodies, and guitar riffs. his voice and lyrics and some of the melodies are retreading old ground though.

I need a few more listens, but again, its 4 songs, nothing overly ground breaking or new. Its just an accompaniment to everything I know but there are some decent ideas and sounds here.
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Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Elevator wrote:I really like the chorus of Chasing Shadows. He could never, EVER perform it live, but it sounds good. Very 80s. The guy is way too obsessed with U2, lol. Overload's good. Not big on the other two.

i would love to have been a fly on the wall in his studio the day he was tracking vocals for that chorus

the EP is ok... tom is as close as he's ever been with his U2 impression, so I guess he's succeeding? ironically the only song that really stuck with me melodically was the last one, which was the most U2 of the four.

i think a lot of the musical ideas in the other tracks were really underdeveloped and lacked cohesion. what made Dream Walker a good album in my eyes is that most of the songs felt fleshed out, distinct and memorable, each with its own (successful) musical ideas. in this EP the first track starts with an interesting sampled percussion loop and synth patch, then we don't hear from it again. I felt like the last song was the only one with a clear vision that was executed well.

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