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Ryan. wrote:Tom just posted a new AVA clip.
It sounds like an Tom song.

He's going to support the new AVA songs with a tour. Here are the locations for where AVA will be performing:

June 3rd - Tom's rehearsal space in his home studio

June 8th - Acoustic show in his backyard (all performers will be drunk on wine; no full setlist guaranteed)

June 15th - Live listening show, where Tom will play the new album front to back through the monitors in his studio; limit of 5 tickets to be sold

July 11th - Live from the To The Stars Inc. shop in Encinitas. All tickets are $400, included in purchase is lifetime subscription to To The Stars newsletter, purchase of 3 copies of "...of Nightmares," and fans must bring one piece of blink merch to contribute to the burn barrel out front in a show of solidarity.


Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Chuck-182 wrote:Holy shit that takes me back 10 years when that first aired when I was 16! Haha I actually like that performance but I think this one's better

Holy crap Tom sounds really good in that.

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Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Tom just posted a new song clip on his FB. Here's the link:

Once again its way too short to judge really but from what I can here it sounds catchy and cool. Also interesting to hear a change in style again. What I've heard so far seems much less 'weird' and experimental than Off Nightmares and more mainstream and old school i-empire AVA. I'm glad personally because that's the AVA I love but a lot of people seemed happy with most of AVA's recent music. I'm curious to hear more.

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

There were some pretty cringey parts in that. "Specters" from the studio. Tom talking about the band's direction. Paralyzed vocal takes.

But, the pros outweighed the cons in that video. It was cool to see how they collaborated because both of them are wired so very differently. The push and pull made it the best AVA album. It was also pretty apparent that it was a very VERY heavy Ilan album. To the point where it's Ilan with Tom on vocals in my opinion. Not really, but it's very heavy Ilan. This also solidified and made very apparent that Tom does not belong in blink, and that is fine with me. He belongs in this element.

I personally think it's the best Angels record and it was cool to see that process. Thanks for posting!

Also, all of the clips Tom have posted from the new EP sound bland. Sounds like another forgettable Of Nightmares EP. Wish he'd just hole up and write another album with Ilan. Same process as Dreamwalker.

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