Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

There's something funny about waking up in the morning and reading a headline saying, "WikiLeaks releases emails about UFOs between Tom DeLonge and Clinton Campaign."

The worst part is that they add to the story that it's unclear whether or not the dude ever replied to Tom. I'm pretty sure the guy did, since he and Tom had already met prior (according to the email), but it makes Tom look sad to make it seem like his emails went ignored.
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Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

Because there'd be an email chain with responses. It's just emails from Tom. repeatedly. it's a little weird. I mean we know He's in Tom's documentary, but the emails look like they were sent after that, and are all a bit desperate sounding. IDK I'm probably reading too much into it but it seems like He got interviewed for the documentary and then Tom hounded him for ages afterwards.

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