What Happened: To ModLife?

I figured every blue moon I may start a new thread talking about certain projects or ventures that members of blink have taken on , or projects blink supported. I know most of these would probably fall to Tom. Still no less interesting to talk about..

So I figured I'd start with Toms most recent trash bin ambition. ModLife.

When it first launched Tom was super excited. He saw this as the future he even some how got the likes of Kanye West, Perl Jam among others to sign on. But all of a sudden out of no where. He stopped talking about it. The site got turned off. What happened To Modlife?

What in your minds led to its downfall?

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Re: What Happened: To ModLife?

It was a shallow grab at getting between bands and their money posing as the ultimate social media hub and giving bands tools to promote. Instead what happened was a lot of admittedly big bands signed up, nobody else really cared, and most indy bands were smart and tech-savvy enough to handle all the promotional/social media/tech stuff modlife promised all without paying modlife. They were a middle man.

It was also a very poorly marketed brand, as "modlife" sounds like "modify your life," which sounds like it would be a VR enterprise or something like Second Life or The Sims. Instead it was a...music promotional tool? What? I think Tom got way too caught up in his I-Empire "start a new life" theme and was still huffing paint while putting together the first steps of the LOVE movie, previously called I-Empire. I-Empire as a name itself was a weird Tom-ism for rebirth and starting a new life. I think too that I-Empire was eventually going to be part of a series, as in the "I" portion was merely a roman numeral. Instead that theme and modlife itself did as so many other Tom endeavors, ambitious though they are, the way of the dinosaur.


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