Side Project Song Election - The Dreamwalker

Hey I forgot I used to do these!
And we never did one for Dream Walker or Tom's shitty demo album or those silly EPs
This should kill some time before California comes out
The admins can move this out of the blink-182 section if they want - I just figured it would get more replies in this section.


The rule is vote for the song you like the least every day and eventually the most popular one will remain.

Here are the songs of The Dreamwalker:

Teenagers & Rituals
The Wolfpack
Kiss With A Spell
Bullets in the Wind
The Disease

I'm going to vote Tremors, because fucked if I remember how it goes.

Re: Side Project Song Election - The Dreamwalker

And she said... wrote:I like the whole album, but I'm gonna go with Anomaly for two reasons:

1) When he says, "Hey girl..." It makes me feel like it's something NKotB would sing.
2) I'm pretty sure that's Kay's favourite song on the album and we almost always seem to have opposite taste.

Lol, it was at first but not anymore. I usually skip it now actually, it's fallen way down the list. I still love the chorus but the rest of the song is kinda cringe.

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