Do you actually like 'My First Punk Song' ?

Fuck Yeah
Total votes: 11 (50%)
Eww, No
Total votes: 8 (36%)
I Don't Give Two Shits
Total votes: 3 (14%)
Total votes: 22

Re: Do you actually like 'My First Punk Song' ?

I find it hilariously ironic now when I hear "what is with these bands that keep coming with their politics? They never went to school to find out they were full of shit. Didn't really either but fuck, guess it doesn't matter."

What's with Tom trying to be super artistic and into multimedia now? He never went to school to find out he sucks at it.

Re: Do you actually like 'My First Punk Song' ?

I've always loved the song and thought it fit perfectly on that album. Looking back now, the lyrics obviously make present Tom look like a hypocrite. However, I think they fit at the time.

I disagree with the notion that simply enjoying My First Punk Song will make you like this new shit-stain, though. Circle-Jerk-Pit is an absolute embarrassment. If Tom's going to shit on his past, he needs to act like the adult he claims to be and quit pissing on the few fans he has left. Honestly, fuck that guy with a wasp infested brick made of fire.

Re: Do you actually like 'My First Punk Song' ?

I think it's great!
Tom's vocals on it brings me back to Dude Ranch era and the guitar is actually really fucking cool and totally fits with the rest of the songs on the album.
I love hearing Tom actually sing out of key and out of range for once - there's more conviction in it.
It's soooo fast and you can't understand a dang thing he says.
ALSO my favourite part is the "FUCKKK YEAA" at the end because I usually forget it's there and it catches me off guard and makes me laugh. It's a nice little break from the serious stuff.

Re: Do you actually like 'My First Punk Song' ?

StrongTower182 wrote:
frisky wrote:As a joke song, it's great. Should it have been on that album? Fuck no. Should have just been a live song done for shits and giggles.

This. Totally kills the flow.

What flow? :cheeky:

You mean the endless, proliferating flow of crap? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!

But in all seriousness, I don't like the punk song. That said, I don't mind the new one. Circle Pit Jerks.
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