The Demos: The Who, The What & The Why

It's been a pretty crazy start to 2015 for us blink-182 fans. First the announcement, then the scathing interviews and then some bland replies. But maybe even more shocking then all that, was the random announcement by Tom that he would be releasing blink-182 demos in the beginning of March. Now you may ask why this is so odd? He's a musician... writing and releasing music is what he does. The shock comes from the subject itself. From what most of us can tell this whole fiasco came from Tom's lack of commitment to blink 182. The struggle Mark & Travis had to get Tom into the studio. Let alone to do a live show the three agreed upon to do. In fact within the Rolling Stone article Mark & Travis said they received an email from Tom's manager in early January that said "Tom is Out". The email went on to say that Tom didn't what to record, perform or do anything blink-182 related for the foreseeable future. After taking both pieces evidence in to consideration, all I can say his "HUH!??!?!" And I'm hoping you are too. You maybe asking, "Why would you tell your bandmates you didn't want to record, possibly ever again, then say your releasing band related demos weeks later as a solo project? I have my own take on whats going on. The Who (What the album is about), The What (What the songs really are) And the Why (Why Tom is doing this). And I hope you enjoy it ;)

The Who?
Although the information has been coming out ever so slowly through Facebook & Instagram posts we now know Tom is releasing a 'solo' album that contains unreleased blink-182 demos and other songs that Tom didn't see appropriate to Angels & Airwaves. The album is due out April 21st 2015 and now can be pre-ordered within quite a few bundles. Some of which reaching upwards of a 140 dollars!!. Tom will start releasing tracks as singles from the 'Album' as early as March 1st 2015.

The What?
Now if your anything like me you're probably asking yourself "what demos?", "What unreleased tracks?". It almost seems like Tom has been tucked away in his Studio for months working on random material. Hell you might surmise that Tom was working on a new blink song right when Mark & Travis announced they fired him. Key word being "almost seems like". Tom would probably very much like you to believe he's been working on blink material on and off. And for a time that might of have been true. However based what I've heard in recent interviews with all three members of the once glorious blink-182. I can say I highly doubt it. I believe most of these songs were demos that Tom wrote for Neighborhoods & "Dogs Eating Dogs". Songs that Mark & Travis rejected outright. Songs that Tom maybe really liked. Songs that Tom maybe got really "butt hurt" (As you read butt hurt please raise your hands and do the quoting motion) about. The length of the album is still unknown. So the number of demos and or possible rejected tracks remains a mystery. I would even see a few of these songs might be of filler that got left out of Dream Walker and The Love albums. Unfortunately I doubt any of the actual "blink" songs on this "album" were started recently. I feel most of these songs have been sitting on a hard drive somewhere for years.

The Why???
Now onto the burning question: "Why... Why.... and WHY!?!?!" Its without a doubt odd that Tom goes out on a limb to tell his bandmates that he no longer as any interest in doing any type of musical endeavors. Then turns around and says he's releasing another album. In my opinion this whole album is Tom simply trying to save face. Its not a question of money, its simply a matter of pride. I believe almost everything Mark & Travis have said about Tom. I believe Tom sent out that email in early January. I also believe Tom had no idea he was being fired and even more shockingly so that he believes he didn't do anything wrong. No matter what your take on the whole blinkgate situation you have to agree the Rolling Stone interview Mark & Travis did was a bit a harsh. It outright went out and said Tom didn't like blink anymore and Tom didn't care about his fans. So its not hard to see he was highly insulted. This in a lot of ways is Tom saying "Fuck You" to Mark & Travis and at the same time trying to tell the fans "No No, See I do care!! Look at all these 'blink' songs I had ready to go" But you might be saying this all really just a cheap cash in. And you'd have a lot of evidence to go on given the prices and the packages Tom is pushing for pre-order. But I honestly don't believe so. Yes I think its ridiculous he's charging money for b-sides. But I believe this is purely Tom's Inner Business man saying "why wouldn't you charge for it?" He knows people will buy it and he knows he can stand to make some quick money. While I wont argue at all it added some incentive I wouldn't say it was the driving force. I believe this whole thing is just a reaction to the snowball started in early January.

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Re: The Demos: The Who, The What & The Why

this is my theory:

Who- Tom. This makes sense, w/e it's cool to release solo stuff.

What- Probably just assorted old tracks he dug up off of his hard drive. A few of them probably were actually intended for a new blink record, but it's mostly probably just various tracks wrote by himself he didn't have anything else to do with.

Why- This is where the problems begin. On some level maybe he really wants to release his b-sides. For the most part though it's pretty clear that he just wants another product (+bundles) to sell so he can make some quick $$$ with whatever 'relevancy' he thinks he still has while promoting To the Stars. I have zero sympathy for Tom regarding 'blink gate' especially now; it's not harsh to say someone doesn't give a fuck about something when they clearly don't, and all his methods in releasing this are telling me is that not only does he not care about blink, he barely cares about his AVA fanbase either. For the most part he doesn't care much about music anymore, and I don't think that he individually really even cares about his films and shit anymore either. I think he cares about selling stuff. He'll enjoy the other stuff when he does it but given how soulless everything feels from him now and given his own stated philosophy on music and business it's not a stretch to think that he just simply does not care much about anything anymore aside from running his company, an even then he only ever expresses excitement in 'building his franchises'.

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