Re: Tom Delonge To The Stars Demos, Odds And Ends

MilfredCubicle wrote:
carlcockatoo wrote:holy shit those titles almost make me want to cringe.

BUT at least they made me react in some way and I bet they are more genuine songs than say Love Pt II songs.

Why would they make you cringe? Other than circle jerk and golden showers they seem pretty solid for song titles.

Maybes animals is a maroon 5 cover :p

eh they don't all make me cringe. it's just such a 2015 Tom looking track list but as I said that's good 'cause at least it will be genuine.

1. New World doesn't make me cringe.
2. An Endless Summer doesn't make me cringe.
3. Suburban Kings makes me cringe only 'cause of Tom's "my fans are all rich suburban kids who I admit I like to take extra money from and I myself pride myself in embodying all the negative stereotypes of suburbs that aren't even accurate" thing he's got going on.
4. The Invisible Parade doesn't make me cringe.
5. Circle-Jerk-Pit may or may not make me cringe depending on how the song turns out. Like it could be some satirical tongue-in-cheek thing but given Tom's current thing he's got going on I doubt it. We'll see though.
6. Landscapes doesn't make me cringe and is probably an accurate title :p
7. Animals doesn't make me cringe; super common song title though.
8. Golden Showers in the Golden State sounds like a Lana Del Rey song title.

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