Re: Tom Delonge To The Stars Demos, Odds And Ends

blinkfan4evr54 wrote:Yea if someone can PM a copy that woudl be awesome.

I actually just went on and tried to buy it from and had trouble setting up an account. I filled out all the required fields and hit "continue" then it would just reload the page. Anyone else having trouble with this?

Check your PM

I guess this is growing up...

Re: Tom Delonge To The Stars Demos, Odds And Ends

Ryan. wrote:Tom, you're not 16 anymore.

Golden showers is the best song, although the lyrics are ridiculous (Probably test lyrics) and its influenced HEAVILY from The Rock Show.
The rest are mediocre.

Definitely not test lyrics since he wrote the song two years ago. I'm sure Mark and Travis would have been like no, but those are the lyrics Tom wanted.

Here's my ranking of the album:
1. Suburban Kings
2. Endless Summer
3. Golden Showers
4. The Invisible Parade
5. New World
6. Animals
7. Circle Jerk Pit
8. Landscapes

I thoroughly enjoy the top four on that list so I'll happily take an EPs worth of good songs from Tom.

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